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After: The Graphic Novel is a five-volume saga based on the After novel series of the same name. The adaptation is led by After author Anna Todd and drawn by Pablo AndrÉs. The saga is backed by Wattpad and published by Hugo Publishing.




Todd worked closely with artist Pablo Andrés to create illustrated depictions of Tessa and Hardin; the new After book series will be published by Todd's Frayed Pages Media in partnership with Wattpad and Hugo Publishing, and partners around the world. “Getting to create the look for each character and choosing eye colors, hair styles, tattoos, clothing, and settings that are true to the novels has been a blast," Todd told Teen Vogue. "We were guided by the novels, and from that starting point developed the look and mannerisms for Tessa, Hardin, their family and their friends. Readers might see some familiar visuals, but Hardin and Tessa in the graphic novel are totally new creations.”[1]


Notes and Trivia[]

  • The graphic novels feature all the original characters from the After novel series, but there are new creations to rival that of the novel canonicity.