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This article is about the 2020 film. You may be looking for the book, After We Collided.

Like I said, this is a story you've heard before. Only difference is, this is our story. Tessa's... and mine. And who knows, maybe there is a happy ending for us after all... I guess we'll just have to find out.
Hardin's closing monologue

After We Collided is a romance-drama film based on the hit-novel, After We Collided by Anna Todd. After We Collided is the second film in the After film series.

The film was released in the United States on October 23, 2020, and was rated R. It was directed by Roger Kumble and written by Anna Todd and Mario Celya.


Hardin Scott (Hero Fiennes Tiffin) and Tessa Young (Josephine Langford) go through the aftermath of their break up. While Hardin falls into some bad habits, Tessa, armed with a new confidence, lands the internship of her dreams at Vance Publishing company. While at Vance, she also grabs the attention of her handsome new co-worker Trevor (Dylan Sprouse), who is exactly the kind of guy she should be with. He is smart, funny, handsome and responsible; however, Tessa cannot get Hardin out of her head. He is after all, the love of her life. Even with all their misunderstandings and hardships, Tessa can’t deny the pull she feels towards Hardin. She wishes she could walk away…it’s just not that easy. Through all their ups and downs, the wrongs and rights, Hardin and Tessa will fight to be together… even if the universe wants them to be apart.


AWC SC2.png

Tessa sets her head on Hardin's shoulder and they sigh, before she fades away and Hardin jolts awake having dreamt that she came to see him at the lake. He is in his car, alone, surrounded by empty food containers and alcohol bottles. He checks his phone and is disheartened to see that his messages to Tessa asking her to talk are still unread. When he exits his car he is approached by a homeless man who is looking for someone, but Hardin abruptly tells the man to "piss off" so the man walks away, leaving Hardin alone once more.

AWC SC20.png

Tessa She begins her first day at Vance Publishing, where she has an unfortunate introduction to her new co-worker, Trevor Matthews, who she insults for not holding the elevator for her. He assures her that he was trying to hold it. Tessa immediately meets her new boss, Kimberly, who welcomes Tessa to the company and wants to introduce her to Christian Vance. Seeing this as an inopportune time, Kimberly shows Tessa to her new office which is initially cluttered who multiple boxes and objects. Tessa organizes the room to the best of her ability and begins reading the five manuscripts she is required to read that week. She falls asleep reading and is awakened the next morning by Vance, who is sitting across from her. He whisks her away to Seattle alongside Kimberly and Trevor, as he hopes to win over a new investor, Neal.

AWC SC39.png

Hardin goes to a worn down tattoo parlor and bangs on the gated door. The woman shouts that they are closed but he is persistent. She opens the door and upon seeing Hardin refuses to serve him. He silently bribes her with a roll of cash and she lets him into the building. He takes a seat in the tattoo chair, rolling up his sleeve in preparation. The woman offers him a bottle of alcohol but he turns it away even though she reminds him it helps with the pain. He responds rather desolating, saying he likes the pain. She calls him a masochist as she sits down to begin the tattoo.

AWC SC47.png

They arrive at the hotel and Tessa is mesmerized by the size of the hotel, and pleased to have been upgraded to a suite following an incident with her room. Vance recommends that Kimberly take Tessa shopping for a dress for that night, to which Kimberly happily obliges. The pair return to the hotel late that evening to get ready, and Kimberly assures Tessa that she'll be fine in the nightclub - she's with the Vance's. She then nervously reveals that she and Vance are more than co-workers. She insists it was just a work thing at first, especially after Vance's wife died, but as she was helping take care of Vance's son, Smith, they fell in love. Tessa relates to love finding people in odd ways.

AWC SC52.png

Hardin returns to the apartment he once shared with Tessa. Once out of the shower, he peels off the bandage around his tattoo which is red, swollen, and spotted with blisters. He seems unbothered by the appearance as he tries to examine the job the woman did. His phone begins to buzz and he is annoyed to see that Steph is persistent in her desire to have him come to the frat house for a party.

AWC SC54.png

Tessa joins Kimberly, Vance, and Trevor, who are waiting in the lobby to leave for the nightclub. Trevor and Vance comment on her looking nice, Vance in more of a professional capacity. The group arrives at the bar where Tessa and Trevor find themselves isolated from the rest of the club, as neither of them are used to being in that kind of scene. He offers to get her a drink but she's sticking to water as that's all she can afford since she's been using Uber a lot. They talk for a moment before Neal, the potential investor who is also a millionaire, approaches the duo with a large bowl of alcohol. The drink is named Sex on the Beach. He commands the duo to drink with him. While Tessa doesn't speak his language, Trevor translates well and she obliges to drinking with them.

AWC SC63.png

Hardin eventually gives in and attends the party at the frat house. He is greeted by Zed, who after some banter, offers him a shot of liquor that Hardin takes without hesitation. Steph looks up from taking body shots off Tristan to ask Hardin if he missed her, and he gives her a pensive look in response.

AWC SC66.png

Tessa grows tired of the drinking after a while, but eventually, concedes and lets herself have fun. She suddenly feels like dancing and approaches the dance floor while Trevor attempts to talk business with Vance's client. Kimberly and Vance dance sexily together apart from the group. A man approaches Tessa and begins to dance with her.

AWC SC67.png

Hardin is sitting in the living room of the frat house when Molly walks up behind him and covers his eyes, coyly asking him to guess who she is. She instantly gives him vulgar clues to her identity so Hardin sarcastically responds by calling her Mother Theresa. She is repulsed and shows herself, flaunting off her body to a very unamused Hardin. She sits on his lap asking if he's still not over what she did last month. She asks what it will take for him to forgive her, as she knows she's been "really bad". He sharply retorts that she was worse than bad. She reminds him that he used to like it when she was bad and goes to kiss him when he cuts her off, telling her to get the fuck off him. He pushes her off his lap and she rolls off a stool and lands on the ground.

AWC SC75.png

Molly angrily asks what the fuck is wrong with him, but he ignores her, opting to walk away from the angry woman. She is hurt by his rejection and asks if he's still hung up on Tessa, but he angrily tells Molly not to talk about Tessa. Molly compares his behavior to that of a lost puppy, a statement that makes his face turn cold. She presses that it's all because of a girl who "doesn't even want him". Hardin angrily leaves the house as she continues to hurl insults in his direction.

AWC SC78.png

On the dance floor, Tessa lets herself relax and dances with a stranger who begins to blur into Hardin in her mind. She impulsively kisses the man, who fades in and out of Hardin's figure. When she realizes it's not Hardin she instantly stops and pulls away, blinking as the man returns to his normal state. She hurries away and finds a balcony where she takes selfies, but upon realizing how good she looks, decides to call Hardin and brag. She gloats that she looks hot even though he's not here to see it, and when asked how much she's had to drink, she replies with five "sexes on the beach", giggling that could have been fun. She refuses to answer his questions of where she is or who she's with, and instead, proclaims that she's not wearing any underwear. He asks who she's with but she deflects asking why he hasn't called her back. Now dumbstruck over her behavior he exclaims that he texted her a hundred times but she never replied. She claims she has to go, but it was nice talking to him, before hanging up on him. She is soon found by Trevor who plans to leave the nightclub, and she wants to join him for fries and ice cream. She bops him on the nose before stumbling off.

AWC SC84.png

They return to the hotel room where he asks why she's in publishing. She responds that she loves books which makes sense to him. She asks what his favorite book is and he responds with The Principal of Economics by Alfred Marshall. She refuses to accept this and she teases him for not liking fiction novels. He claims they're boring and he'd rather watch paint dry. She throws a napkin at him teasingly and spills his wine all over his shirt and pants, instantly apologizing for the infraction. She soaks the shirt in hot water begging him to trust her that it will remove the stain before it sets. She demands his pants which he reluctantly takes off. It is then that they hear loud banging on the door, followed by Hardin's angry voice. She yanks open the door angrily asking if he's trying to get her kicked out. He pushes through despite her anger, and notices a pair of men's glasses on the table. Angered, he kicks down the bathroom door to find Trevor in only his boxers, clutching his wet clothing.

AWC SC90.png

She holds Hardin back while Trevor hurries out of the hotel room, trying to explain that it was all a misunderstanding. He angrily tells him to fuck off and slams the door shut. Tessa angrily calls him a dick before asking what he's even doing here. He claims that he's not the dick as he isn't the one trying to take advantage of drunk girls. She rebuttals that not everyone is trying to sleep with her, and that he can't tell her who she can or can't have sex with because they aren't together anymore.

AWC SC94.png

He asks if she was going to sleep with Trevor, which angers her, but he points out that she's avoiding the question. A moment passes before she begins to change her physical demeanor into that of a condescending one, and taunts him with the idea of sleeping with someone else. She then comes onto him but he is reluctant because she's drunk, even though she claims to have missed him. He eventually concedes and they sleep together.

AWC SC96.png

The next morning, Tessa wakes up in bed with Hardin laying on her back sound asleep. She is confused at first then hears her phone ringing and climbs over Hardin to answer it in the other room. It's Kimberly asking her if she's awake and then to meet her in the lobby in five minutes so they can return home. They hang up and she frantically tries to find her clothes while Hardin yells for her to come back to bed. She is trying to find the rest of her things when he emerges to see what's wrong with her as she's clearly angry. He rebuttals that she called him, but she didn't tell him to come over.

AWC SC101.png

He can tell that she isn't entirely okay with what happened last night to which she agrees, but she refuses to talk about it as he hurt her and she can't forgive him. She justifies her actions by not knowing what she was doing the whole night, accidentally mentioning the guy she kissed in the club. This upsets Hardin and she quickly leaves the room with him following her, naked, into the hall. She yells at him to put some clothes on so he grabs a tablecloth, wrapping that around his waist. He demands to know who she kissed and if it was Trevor, but she shouts that it wasn't. He's upset as "his" Tessa would never kiss a stranger. She angrily yells that she isn't "his Tessa" anymore. Now hurt by her words, he lies that while she was kissing that guy he was sleeping with Molly. This angers Tessa even more, who begins to stalk off when she grabs a roll of bread off a cart and hurls it at him.

AWC SC103.png

She then storms off down the hallway to join Vance, Kimberly, and Trevor in the lobby downstairs. She meets up with Trevor who brought her a latte while she returns his glasses. He comments on the interesting night to which she apologizes, but he understands as he would feel the same way if he showed up to his girlfriend's hotel to see a half-naked man there. He is worried that Hardin is still lurking around, but she assures him that Hardin should be the one hiding and they aren't together. She asks how he knows Hardin to which Trevor explains that Hardin worked at Vance last year in the same position as Tessa. Kimberly and Vance descend, both hungover, and greet the duo. Vance doesn't know what they did or said to Neal last night, but he is officially a financer for their expansion. He tells them good job as he walks off, his arm around Kimberly.

AWC SC105.png

Hardin drives to his father's residence where he waits outside on the hood of his car for Landon to return from his run. Landon is confused to see Hardin who wants to talk with him as he needs advice - he's that desperate. Landon scoffs at the insults sarcastically responding that he thought Hardin was an imposter for a second there. Hardin tries to reason with Landon and calls him "bro", a term that Landon shuts down quickly. He reminds Hardin that he is the one who made it very clear that they aren't brothers. Landon presses that what Hardin did to Tessa is unforgivable. Hardin knows this and that he messed up, which is why he went to see her last night, but then he found out she kissed some guy, so he said that he slept with Molly even though he didn't. Landon is dumbfounded by what Hardin is saying, so he angrily tells him to forget it and goes back to his car. Landon asks Hardin if he really loves Tessa - no bullshit. Hardin doesn't even hesitate in his response - of course, he loves her, he's never felt this way about anyone before. Landon asks where he's going so Hardin tells him London - he was going to take Tessa with him but that isn't going to happen. He gets in his car and speeds off.

AWC SC115.png

Tessa returns to work that night when she receives a text from Landon telling her that Hardin came to see him, and that Hardin said he loves her and that he didn't sleep with Molly. Landon adds that he believes Hardin is telling the truth. She thanks him then looks at a photo of her and Hardin together, but then puts it away to return to work. Trevor knocks on her door and enters her office. He wishes her a happy holidays and a happy birthday, though her birthday isn't until tomorrow. He gives her a folder that he made that contains a cost analysis breakdown of her weekly Uber expensure versus owning a used car. He did some research and found a 2013 Toyota Corolla in excellent condition. He went to the dealership and negotiated a fair deal; no money down and a hundred and fifty dollars a month. Vance agreed to put her auto-insurance on the company policy so that will be free, though he states she doesn't have to take the deal he just enjoys crunching numbers. She is elated and impulsively hugs him then kisses him. He tells her bye and leaves the office.

AWC SC117.png

The next day, she takes Landon for a ride in the car, which he thinks is "very Tessa". She pulls into a parking lot where Landon's car is and parks next to him. She notices him on his phone and asks how his girlfriend, Dakota, is but he's really looking at her birthday horoscope. He reveals that she shares a birthday with Joseph Stalin and is a proud and idealistic person. He continues that she, "is more emotional then is obvious, may solidify romantic relationship or become involved with a mature partner". The mature part, he notes, doesn't sound like Hardin which Tessa agrees with. He tells her that Hardin left for London and asks if she's heard from him, to which she reveals that she blocked him. They say goodbye and she returns to her apartment.

Tessa's memories

She enters the formerly shared loft to find a mess of clothes, empty bottles, and food boxes scattered around the apartment. She remembers when Hardin first showed her the apartment then walks into the bedroom which is also a mess. She sits cross-legged on the bed and takes one of Hardin's shirts that he left on the bed, raising it to her face as she cries softly. She finds a wrapped package on the bedspread with her name on it. She opens it to find a Kindle inside along with a note that reads, "all your favorite books in one place". Already saved are her favorites including Wuthering Heights and Pride and Prejudice among others. With this, she remembers Hardin reading to her in the library which makes her more emotional.

AWC SC130.png

She spends the rest of the day cleaning up the apartment and packing the rest of her things, just as the door to the apartment opens and Hardin enters. Tessa hides out of sight so as not to be seen, and overhears him talking to an English woman and offering to run her a bath. The woman recounts when they used to take baths together and Tessa shows herself in the doorframe, only to be shocked to see Hardin with his mother.

AWC SC133.png

The woman is surprised to see Tessa, saying that she thought Tessa would be out of town and they wouldn't get to meet each other. Tessa instantly smiles at the woman trying to be nice as they hug. Trish can't believe how pretty Tessa is, even though Hardin told her Tessa was the prettiest girl in the world. She gushes over Tessa which embarrasses Hardin but Trish brushes it off, saying that she and Tessa are going to be the best of friends. She then excuses herself to use the bathroom.

AWC SC139.png

With Trish out of ear shot, Tessa hurries to Hardin asking what he's doing here as he's supposed to be in London. He explains that he didn't want to go without her so his mother just came here. She asks why he didn't tell Trish they broke up, to which he explains that Trish was so excited when he told her that he couldn't ruin it for her. He couldn't tell her about the bet but doesn't expect Tessa to pretend they're still together. This takes Tessa by surprise and she's quiet for a moment before agreeing to play along, which elates him. He thanks her but she thanks him in return for the Kindle. He loudly curses then wishes her a happy birthday. Trish, who has returned, is excited at the prospect of celebrating with Tessa and begs her to stay another night instead of going out of town to see her mom. Tessa is reluctant at first, but Trish presses that they don't know when they'll see each other again. She then agrees reluctantly and Trish hugs her again, promising to make her a homemade birthday cake.

AWC SC144.png

They spend the rest of the night looking at baby pictures of Hardin, including one where his butt is exposed. Tessa teases Hardin that it is a cute bum, much to his horror. Hardin excuses himself to do the dishes. Trish asks about Tessa's schooling to which Tessa claims she's in the process of switching from an Economics major to an English major. She brings up her internship at Vance Publishing, which surprises Trish who knows Christian from years ago. They stayed with Vance for a few years after she separated from Ken. This is news to Tessa, who didn't know that Hardin knew Vance from before.

AWC SC151.png

When the night dwindles, Tessa watches Hardin cover his mom with a blanket and meets him in the bedroom. They agree to sleep in the same bed so he doesn't have to sleep on the floor. She believes they can share a bed without anything sexual happening. Once in bed, they say goodnight though Tessa rolls over to tell him that she's leaving early in the morning to head out of town. He rolls over to look at her, thanking her for staying that night. She thanks him for having her and he tucks a hair behind her ear, then instantly apologizes. She tells him it's fine and the tuck leads to a shoulder rub which feels nice for her. They talk about her birthday, to which she tells him she did. She thanks him again for the gift. He's glad she likes it. He tells him that she got a new car, a white one. He wishes her a happy birthday with her saying goodnight before kissing him, and they exchange kisses and goodnights.

AWC SC158.png

The next morning, Tessa prepares to leave and says goodbye to Trish. Trish is pleased to see Hardin so happy with her. Tessa drives back to her childhood home where she is greeted by Noah who compliments her on the new car. They share a hug, both mutually happy to see one another. He knew that she would be in town today as he spoke with her mom, which Tessa asks if she had him on speed dial as soon as she crossed state lines. Noah quips back that Carol knows a good thing when she sees it and they laugh. She asks how senior year is and he awkwardly tells her that he's "breaking hearts and taking names" before deflecting back onto her, saying he heard about the internship. He then asks if everything is cool with the thing with her dad, but Tessa is oblivious to this and Noah quickly realizes that he messed up.

AWC SC162.png

His phone rings and she sees that it's her mother so she answers for Noah, and Carol apologizes as she got stuck at work but asks if Tessa got there yet, unaware that Tessa is the one who answered. Noah quickly shouts that Tessa knows and Carol nonchalantly realizes that Tessa is with him, hoping that she didn't interrupt anything. Tessa asks about what is going on with her father, which Carol finds rude. After some bickering, Carol reveals that Tessa's father wanted to see her but she chased him off. They continue to argue with Carol believing Tessa is getting all worked up for no reason. Carol thought they were past all of this when Tessa got her heartbroken, but she can tell that isn't the case by her tone. She then tells Tessa that Hardin isn't good for her and is just like Richard. Tessa hangs up while Carol angrily protests. Tessa shoves the phone at Noah, realizing her coming home was mistake as she gets back in her car and leaves.

AWC SC173.png

She returns back to the apartment where she shares a long hug with Hardin outside the building. That night, Hardin frantically awakens from a vivid nightmare and Tessa soothes him assuring him it was just a nightmare. In the morning, Trish greets Tessa with a cup of tea and asks if Hardin is okay. Trish heard him last night, to which Tessa assure her that he's asleep now. She then asks Trish how long the nightmares have been going on. Trish explains they started when Hardin was eight. Trish begins to explain what happened that night, when Tessa cuts her off, saying that he told her about what happened and what he saw.

AWC SC178.png

She is surprised as he's never told anyone that before, becoming emotional. Tessa apologizes for what happened to her. Trish was hoping Hardin would forget everything but then the nightmares started so she took him to therapists, but to no avail. He then started self-medicating with alcohol and sex. But he told her the nightmares went away when he started seeing Tessa. This takes Tessa by surprise, emotion creeping in, as she didn't know this. Trish asks why her mother hates Hardin so much, and Tessa reluctantly explains that he lied to her - a massive lie. The woman understands and asks if Hardin is sorry, to which Tessa believes that he is.

AWC SC182.png

Hardin awakens so Trish tells him to brush his teeth as she hands him a cup of tea. Tessa smiles saying that she loves his mom. He then gives her a belated birthday card which takes her by surprise as he already got her something. He knows but since she denied him the pleasure of seeing her open the said gift, so he's giving her another. Inside the card are the words, Tessa's perfect day. Love, H. It means that whatever she wants to do or go he will oblige with not snide remarks or tantrums. He counts down her time then kisses her.

AWC SC184.png

Her day includes ice skating, which Hardin isn't particularly decent at due to being a novice, so they move onto yoga. He complains a little about the heat, remarking that the poses aren't what is melting away his tension but the heat. She reminds him that it's hot yoga and shushes him. He compliments her butt during a position earning another shush. They quickly realize that they aren't in beginners yoga but instead, acrobatic yoga. They sit out some positions but partake in another where he uses the time to tickle her ribs and break her concentration.

AWC SC186.png

They eventually leave when they realize the heat is getting to them - in more ways than one. They return to the empty apartment where they share a shower whilst giggling, kissing, and accidentally breaking a shower gel cap which Hardin tosses to the side when he realizes he broke it. Tessa's phone rings in the midst of the shower and she realizes it's Kimberly and has to take it, which baffles Hardin. Especially when she asks Kimberly if they can help her with babysitting Smith instead of returning to the shower.

AWC SC195.png

Hardin and Tessa go to Vance Publishing where they will be watching Smith. Tessa loves kids so she is happy to participate, though Hardin only agrees due to the birthday promise he made to Tessa. Kimberly thanks the couple for helping and tells Smith that Tessa will watch him, and that she will be back soon. Once she leaves, Tessa kneels in front of the child and asks if he wants markers to draw with. Smith dryly responds that he doesn't like to draw. She offers food but he isn't hungry. She looks over at Hardin who is unamused by the scene. Tessa then asks what he would like to do, and they set up his train set in the lobby. Tessa has to work for a while so Hardin watches over the boy.

AWC SC198.png

After a while of babysitting, Hardin lowers his book to ask Smith to tell him about his trains, but Smith stays quiet. Hardin feigns that he didn't want to hear about them anyway and returns to reading. Smith bluntly asks what all the marks on his arms, with Hardin smirking and explaining they're his tattoos. Smith asks why he has them, to which Hardin smiles slightly and states that it's because he likes them. Smith wonders if he worries what other people think about them, but Hardin sharply says that he doesn't give a fuck what other people think. Picking up on the language, Smith asks which people Hardin "doesn't give a fuck about", to which Hardin curses again telling him not to say fuck. Smith robotically begins repeating the two curse words Hardin said as if it were a mantra, "shit, fuck".

AWC SC201.png

Tessa appears and Hardin lies that Smith is hungry now and that she should get him food, playing it off as a playful yet sweet moment to cover for the boy who is still robotically repeating the words. When Tessa is out of earshot, Hardin quickly rejoins Smith. Kimberly comes to pick up Smith later that night, and they are in the elevator when Hardin hands her a crate with the rest of Smith's toys. She tells Hardin that Tessa is good for him, and he smiles asking if it's that obvious. Hardin then kneels in front of Smith, offering a fist bump as he states, "see ya, mate". The boy repeats the sentiment and Hardin smiles at Smith as the elevator doors close.

AWC SC206.png

Hardin ventures into Tessa's office when Kim is gone. She is ready to leave so he hands a box wishing her a happy Christmas. She is surprised since Christmas isn't for a few more days, but he insists that he couldn't wait to give it to her. He stands by the window as she opens the box, taken aback by the bracelet. The book is engraved with the quote, "whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same". She is emotional over the gift and he mistakes this for her not liking it, but she assures him that she loves it. She just wasn't expecting to see him over the holidays so she didn't get him anything.

AWC SC209.png

She sits on the desk and asks if there is anything he wants, to which he quickly responds with "another chance". She wants him to act like this everyday which he can't promise, but he promises to try his best. They kiss and Hardin begins to seduce her but she is reluctant since someone could walk in at any moment. He shouts out if anyone is there or can hear him, to which she merely sighs as he has an answer for everything. They continue to kiss and, eventually, have sex. Hardin then tells Tessa that she is the only one for him and that he loves her, to which she returns to the sentiment. He asks her not to say the word "too" since it sounds like she's agreeing with him. She smiles and repeats the line without the "too", and they continue to kiss and have sex.

AWC SC214.png

The next day, Ken invites Trish, Tessa, and Hardin to a Christmas party at his house. Trish is astonished to see the size of Ken's house despite Hardin having told her it was massive. She curses over it and Hardin tells her they can still leave and just hang out at the apartment, but she refuses as she already made a commitment to come. She then knocks on the door. They are greeted by the warm smile of Karen, Ken's wife, and the women hug. A moment passes before Trish sees Ken across the entry way and the exchange a long look. She then crosses the threshold to give him a hug while Hardin moodily watches from the doorway.

AWC SC221.png

Hardin's discomfort is evident as he wanders around the party aimlessly. He overhears Ken socializing with Landon and bragging about the boy's schooling which further isolates Hardin. He wanders into the dining room and examines the silverware before seeing an entire table covered with images of Ken with Landon and Karen. He picks up a bottle of alcohol and debates drinking it before taking a swig. He storms out of the room and goes outside. He doesn't notice that on the way out is another table with a singular photo of Hardin as a child. He walks the grounds drinking out of the bottle.

AWC SC226.png

After a while, Hardin rejoins the group after disappearing for a while, though his excuse to Tessa is that he went for a walk which she doesn't completely believe. Ken talks to Trish, Karen, Landon, Tessa, Hardin, and some others who have gathered together near a doorway about his skiing adventures and the time he spent traveling. Hardin snaps asking what the fuck is wrong with Ken. This takes the man by surprise and Hardin insults his choice in plaid pants, before pressing that Ken is just droning on with no regard for the lives he's ruined. Ken is hurt by the statement and emotional as he asks Hardin if they can speak in private, away from the eyes that are now on the argument.

AWC Ken Hardin Fight2.png

They move to a different room a few feet away. Ken acknowledges that Hardin is very upset with him and tells him to just say what is on his mind. Hardin asks why he even invited them here, to which Ken replies that it's because they're his family. Hardin disagrees saying that they were his family but he ran out and reinvented himself. Ken is confused as he thought they were past all this, but Hardin angrily asks how they're supposed to get past it when Ken hasn't owned up to anything. He brings up Ken's twelve step program - making amends. He asks where mom's amends are, calling to her to ask if she got her amends. Ken tries to quiet Hardin down by asking if Hardin doesn't think he's consumed by guilt. But he knew after that night that he had to leave. Hardin shouts that after that night Ken had to stay and that night happened because of him. Ken agrees loudly and that he's been haunted by it for the past ten years. Hardin is taken back and then, in disbelief, shots that Ken is haunted by it. Overcome with emotion, he shouts that he watched it happen, calling him a bastard as he punches Ken in the face. Ken staggers back and Trish catches him then disappears into the crowd.

AWC SC228.png

Hardin follows her outside where he tries to get her stop. He apologizes for the incident but felt as though he had to do it. Trish scoffs as she unloads her bags from his car. He tells her not to get an Uber as he'll drive her to the airport. She scoffs that it won't happen after the shit he just pulled, plus he's drunk. Hardin claims that can't just move on and forget about everything that Ken did like she can. She stops and tells him that she hasn't forgotten anything, she chooses to forgive Ken for her own happiness. She warns him that resentments like this are going to ruin him and taking Tessa right down with him. He watches his mom get in her Uber and leans against his car solemnly. Tessa, who witnessed the fight, takes his car keys out of his pocket and walks back into the party.

AWC SC231.png

When they return to the apartment, Tessa leaves for a while to go for a walk. With her gone, he tries to turn on a lamp and is enraged when it doesn't turn on and throws it against the brick wall. He storms into the kitchen and rummages through a cabinet until he finds a bottle of liquor, which he takes two large drinks from. He sits in a chair with his music blaring, nodding to the beat as he does. The sound is so loud that he doesn't hear Tessa come in and her calling him. He passes out in the chair but wakes up to the sound of Tessa leaving for work in the morning.

AWC SC234.png

Tessa is in the elevator at Vance Publishing when Trevor enters, reversing their first encounter. She jokes that they should stop meeting like this, than asks how his break was. He claims it was fine and asks about hers, to which she replies with "eventful". He asks if she wants to talk about it over food since he's buying. He offers to let her pick the food and she agrees so he sends her some menus. They catch up over their food a little while later, and she tells him about her issues with Hardin and wants his opinion. He doesn't have any advice to give her much to her humor.

AWC SC235.png

As they are getting ready to leave, Trevor tells Tessa about his new promotion as the head of finances at the Seattle branch so this might be the last time they see each other before the New Year. She wishes him best of luck in his job and he awkwardly offers to shake her hand, to which she obliges. As Tessa is leaving, he calls to her so she turns. He tells her about his sister who struggled with addiction with her whole life. He warns her that this thing with Hardin isn't going to end well, and she takes a moment before saying that he's wrong and walking away.

AWC SC238.png

The rest of the day is uneventful as Tessa works on manuscripts. She does, however, respond to Noah's text asking how the search for her dad is going. She replies that she's been trying to find him online but hasn't had any luck so far. Meanwhile, Hardin calls Ken to apologize for the Christmas party. When Tessa returns home he is installing a new lamp, and tells her that this one is better anyway. She smiles at the scene.

AWC SC245.png

On New Years Eve, the couple stays in at their apartment as they curl up on the couch. Tessa puts down her Kindle, asking a writing Hardin if he's ever going to show her what he's writing in there, to which he responds that he might tell her one day. They return to their separate endeavors though his phone vibrating catches her attention. She asks if he's going to see who it is, but he already knows that it's Steph inviting him to the New Years Eve party. He doesn't want to leave her alone, and didn't think she would want to go after what happened, so he isn't going. She offers to go with him since she isn't scared of them anymore. She tells him that if it blows up in their faces they can stay in next year. He leans over and kisses her as he liked the way she said next year.

AWC SC249.png

As she's getting ready, Vance calls Tessa to ask why she isn't at work which causes her to panic as she thought she had the night off. Vance laughs happy to have messed with her a little. He then tells her that with the Seattle branch funded, Vance and Kim plan to move to Seattle until things are settled there. He wants to bring Tessa with them in a permanent position at the company. He will pay for her schooling, living expenses, and anything else she needs. She is surprised by the offer and asks if she can think about it, to which he is a little surprised but agrees and wishes her a happy new year before hanging up. Hardin enters to see if she was talking to him, but she wasn't. He asks what's taking her so long to which she quips back that she's being a woman and to leave so she can get ready. He forces a smile and leaves her alone.

AWC SC257.png

They head to the frat house where they are greeted by Steph, who hugs Tessa in the hopes they can leave the past behind them. Tessa assures her that it's ancient history, just before Ally asks Tessa if she wants to take her place in the next round of beer pong against Steph and Tristan. Tessa is reluctant to leave Hardin but he assures her that it's fine and he'll watch her - he likes to watch. She smiles at this before joining Zed at the table. He asks if she knows what she's doing - she doesn't. She throws the ball and misses drastically but finds the game fun, which exasperates Zed, and they find themselves becoming heavily intoxicated as they lose cups. After the game, Tessa joins Zed, Ally, Steph, and Tristan on the dance floor. Molly saunters into the party expecting a big welcome, only to see Tess dancing. She angrily exclaims what "the fuck she's doing here". Tessa is happily oblivious to Molly's outburst, while the latter storms off.

AWC SC266.png

Tessa is dancing when she finds Hardin coming downstairs, and they decide to leave. They are intercepted by Molly on their way out, and her snide remarks are enough to prompt Tessa to stay for one more drink against Hardin's better judgment. Tessa marches to the living room where she is joined by Hardin, and she sits on his lap. She squares off against Molly, confident in her decision. She kisses Hardin to assure him of this.

AWC SC273.png

The bitchy banter begins instantly with Molly starting the game of Truth or Dare by asking Tessa if she's a virgin. She quickly corrects as she knows that isn't true anymore since Hardin slept with her. Tessa agrees then asks if it's true that Molly is a whore. Molly is offended by the term and shuts it down despite Hardin and Tessa's insistence that she is. Molly then asks if it's true that Tessa is a dumbass for getting back together with Hardin after their relationship was nothing more than a bet. When Tessa declines this, Molly presses that it is true and begins to taunt Tessa with innuendos regarding her previous fling with Hardin.

AWC SC274.png

Overcome with rage, Tessa tackles Molly to the ground where they begin a fierce fight of hair pulling, slapping, and slamming each other into walls. Tessa is able to punch Molly twice while screaming at her, but Molly tackles her to the ground though Tessa quickly gains the upper-hand. Before the fight can escalate any further, Hardin pulls Tessa off Molly telling her to relax. He carries her upstairs. The girls hurl insults at one another, with Molly shouting for Hardin to "get the crazy bitch out of here", with Tessa flipping her off with both middle fingers and shouts "happy New Year, bitch!" before bursting into a fit of laughter as they make their way upstairs.

AWC SC278.png

Hardin kicks open his bedroom door and sets Tessa down the bed while she giggles then sighs, as she needed the release. Hardin joins her on the bed and she instantly begins kissing him, though they roll off the bed and land on the floor seconds later. They exchange flirty banter before having sex while listening to the sounds of the party goers downstairs counting down to midnight. When they are finished, Hardin zips her dress back up and she excuses herself to use the bathroom. He calls to her that her phone is buzzing but she doesn't hear him. He laughs about it as he picks up her phone but instantly regrets this when he sees messages from Trevor congratulating her on the promotion in Seattle and how he can't wait to see her more. Hardin tosses the phone on the bed and leaves. He finds Jamie on the stairs and tells her that he's glad they were able to talk and she returns the sentiment. He then asks her to keep what happened between them, as he doesn't want anyone to know yet. She puts her hand on his arm, assuring him that she doesn't kiss and tell. When Tessa exits the bathroom Hardin is gone, so she follows him to the stairs where she finds him talking to a girl. He asks the girl to keep what happened between them a secret, to which she flirtatiously responds that she doesn't kiss and tell. Angered, Tessa mistakes the girls comment for Hardin having cheated and shoves him into the wall calling him a piece of shit as she storms past him.

AWC SC282.png

She flees the party with Hardin running behind her. To spite him, she grabs a random party goer and kisses him in front of Hardin before stalking off. Hardin grabs her arm to stop her and she turns around while he demands to know what that was all about. She emotionally asks why he cares as he just kissed that girl. She begins to cry which angers him as she just kissed a guy right in front of him. She asks what he did and he emotionally proclaims that he didn't do anything. She doesn't believe him and quotes back what the girl said about not kissing and telling, then shoves him backward calling him a "fucking liar". Hardin is in disbelief since that's just an expression and Tessa should know he would never cheat on her. She asks if he was with Jamie tonight and if she is who he disappeared with. Hardin admits to it but quickly tells Tessa that he was trying to make Jamie forgive him, because he wants to be a better person for Tessa.

AWC SC284.png

He wants to know what else he can do to make her believe him. A moment of silence passes and he emotionally realizes that she's never going to trust him. She asks if he really thinks she should try him, to which he does, and she loudly asks where that has ever gotten her. He realizes she's never going to forgive him and will just keep bringing it up every time they have a fight. She exclaims that it's because she doesn't trust him. Hardin is taken aback by this and angrily remarks that she acts so innocent, like she's perfect, even though she isn't. He walks backward from her while mutter "fuck this". As he storms off he shouts "fuck you" at her and she returns the sentiment as they walk away from one another, the rest of the party watching them.

Tessa wakes up the next morning to an empty bed with her text messages to Hardin asking her to forgive him and come home have gone unread. Hardin wakes up the next morning on a couch outside of the WCU frat house. He notices that his phone is dead and asks Jamie, who is just leaving the party, if she has a phone charger. The only charger she has is in her car, so he accepts the ride. Once in the car, his phone finally turns on only for him to see a slew of messages from Tessa, timestamped to the night before. They include her asking where he is, saying she's sorry for what happened, and asking him to come home. He attempts to call her but the line cuts out mid-ring. Meanwhile, Tessa drives around town looking for him as she worries that something might have happened to him. She tosses her phone on the passenger seat as she focuses on driving. Hardin calls her while she's stopped a red light, and she unbuckles in an attempt to reach the phone. When the light turns green she drives just as another car t-bones her. Jamie notices a car accident at an intersection and remarks on it, so Hardin looks over and is horrified to see that Tessa's car was involved. He shouts for Jamie to pull over and stop the car. When the car is pulled to the side he jumps out, not bothering to close the door. He runs to the ambulance which is starting to drive away, shouting for it to stop as he runs after the vehicle but doesn't catch up to it in time.

AWC SC296.png

He spends the next few hours calling every hospital that he can find to see if Tessa has been admitted there. He is unsuccessful in finding her at five hospitals, just as Landon storms into the apartment shouting for Hardin. Landon stands close to Hardin as he asks what is wrong with him and how he could do this to Tessa. Hardin demands to know where Tessa is but Landon refuses to tell him, so much so, that he tackles Hardin to the floor. Hardin demands to know where Tessa is, so Landon rebuttals that it's Hardin's fault she crashed because he didn't come home last night. This freezes Hardin so Landon pushes Hardin off of him pressing that Tessa was out looking for Hardin when she crashed. Hardin doesn't believe him and grabs his phone and calls Tessa, relieved when she answers as he cries.

AWC SC297.png

Relief quickly turns to annoyance when Trevor Matthews is on the other end, but Trevor explains that he's with Tessa now. Hardin wants to speak with her but Trevor tells him no, with Hardin angrily saying that he's not playing around. Trevor snaps at him to shut the fuck up and listen for once. Hardin obliges and Trevor tells Hardin that he's toxic and bad for Tessa. If he really loves Tessa, and Trevor thinks that Hardin does, he should let her go. Hardin begs Trevor to let him talk to her but Trevor refuses. He asks Hardin to give Tessa a chance to find happiness in life since she won't find it with him. He hangs up with Hardin lowering the phone then walking away from Landon who calls out to him.

AWC SC309.png

Hardin writes an emotional letter to Tessa, which she finds when she returns to the empty apartment. The letter explains why he's leaving America and returning to London. He likens their relationship to an addiction, with equal parts pleasure and pain. He explains everything that happened on New Years Eve, from who Jamie is and why he needed her forgiveness. He felt as though he needed Jamie's forgiveness to move forward with Tessa. He breaks up with her, claiming she's too good for him and that in the back of his mind he knew that wouldn't last. They will eventually move on, though it will be hard. He takes a flight to London and spends the next nine days looking at photos of them together until he can't bear it anymore and throws his phone out of anger. His nightmares escalate to the point where he sees Tessa take his mother's place in the nightmares. He wakes up screaming and is consoled by his mom. That day he dumps the rest of his alcohol down the drain. Over the nine days, Tessa looks at photos of them together, re-reads the letter, and remembers the good times they spent together. One of which includes them in the tub. As she's looking at a photo of Hardin, she receives a text from Vance about his party on Sunday that she's supposed to attend.

AWC SC316.png

Hardin is sitting on the couch filling out college applications when his mom brings him tea, asking how the applications are going. He explains that Ken would make some calls. Trish is surprised that Hardin spoke to Ken, and tries to tell him that what happened that night wasn't Ken's fault, but Hardin asks if all the other nights weren't Ken's fault either. She admits that it was shit and they both deserved better. But the only person Hardin is hurting by not forgiving Ken is himself, and she wants him to stop punishing himself. He doesn't think it's fair that Ken is living in a giant house while she's here alone. She quips back that she isn't alone much to his surprise that she's seeing someone. She explains that it's Mike, which he is shocked even more as Mike is a "wanker from next door". She tells him that Vance is having a going away party on Sunday and she thinks Hardin should "get his ass off this sofa and go get her". He tries to make excuses so she reminds him to start fighting for what really matters.

AWC SC324.png

Tessa does attend the party and stands on the balcony next to Trevor as she happily witnesses Vance and Kimberly become engaged. Once the excitement dies down, Trevor and Tessa talk about the accident with him telling her that Vance agreed to put her hospital bills on the company policy so she doesn't have to worry about them. He then tells her that he answered her phone at the hospital and it was Hardin, who wanted to talk to her. Trevor reveals that he told Hardin to leave Tessa alone, but he realizes now that it was over the line and apologizes for the invasion. She is surprisingly understanding and though he has more to say, he excuses himself for now and hurries away. Tessa turns around and spots Hardin on the balcony where she was standing earlier. She is shocked to see him and the champagne flute she was holding slips from her hand and shatters on the floor. As the staff cleans it up she looks up again at Hardin then hurries away. Hardin runs after her but loses her on the staircase. He is immediately greeted by Vance, who puts his hands on his shoulders and tells him that Tessa went out the front but he has to hurry if he's going to catch her. Hardin thanks him before running off after Tessa. He hurries outside but believes he missed her when he sees an Uber leaving.

He is disheartened and she calls from the top of the stairs behind him. He turns and they gaze at each other as she walks down the stairs to stand in front of him. Her Uber pulls up and she silently walks away to the car. She opens the car door and stands next to it, looking at him as she does. He realizes that she's holding it open for him and gets into the car. Once inside, they listen to the driver ramble about the heat getting to people's brains and making them do crazy things. Tessa smiles up at Hardin who smiles back, and she sets her head on his shoulder.

AWC SC337.png

That night, Tessa holds Hardin's hand as he gets another tattoo on his back. She reads the quote which says, "I never wish to be parted from you from this day on" and realizes that he got it for her. She smiles at this and they leave the tattoo parlor, walking hand-in-hand down the sidewalk. They appear to be back together and happy once again. A homeless man begins following them and the man touches Tessa's shoulder and calls her by name. Hardin reacts and slams the man against the wall, holding him by his shirt. Tessa instantly shouts at Hardin but then freezes when she sees the man's face, recognizing him as her father.



On May 19, 2019, it was confirmed that a sequel was planned with Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin reprising their roles as Tessa Young and Hardin Scott respectively had been greenlit.[2]

Filming officially began on August 12, 2019, and wrapped on September 16, 2019.

Voltage films handled production for regions outside the US.[3] However, the US production company has yet to be announced.

The film used the alias Stars Collide for production. However, many fans discovered the alias before filming started.[4]

Complete production for After We Collided finished on January 28, 2020.[5]

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, scheduling the release for After We Collided proved difficult. As of April 12, 2020, it was unknown when the film would be distributed.[6] On July 15, 2020, several international release dates were announced, however, there is still no news on a USA release date.[7]

On July 16, 2020, the classification for the Australian government of the film was made available and showed the film is 105 minutes long. Themes included alcohol abuse, a traumatic incident witnessed by a young boy, violence, sex, language, drug use, and brief nudity.[8]

On September 13, 2020, Voltage Picture COO Johnathan Deckter released an interview with Deadline where he spoke on the impact of the film and how the film was initially was supposed to release internationally in April or May. The film was pushed to October 2 before shifting that scenario when Wonder Woman 1984 took the same date. “We had a group Zoom with the European distributors in late June — just after Wonder Woman declared October 2 — and we had a big decision to make, push back or move forward. All of the European distributors saw a gap in the market and made the case to go early September and we agreed. The release pattern on this film was always to have international lead the charge since the first film outperformed the U.S. by 400%.”[9]

Cast Changes

On August 5, 2019, Dylan Sprouse joined the cast as Trevor Matthews.[10]

On August 14, 2019, John Jackson Hunter was announced as Young Hardin Scott.[11]

On August 15, 2019, Max Ragone (Smith Vance), Charlie Weber (Christian Vance), Louise Lombard (Trish Daniels), and Candice King (Kimberly) were announced to round out the cast.[12]

Due to scheduling conflicts, the roles of Ken Scott and Karen Scott had to be recast. On August 15, 2019, Rob Estes and Karimah Westbrook were announced to be the new Ken and Karen, respectively.[13]

Release Dates

Most release dates for After We Collided were announced on July 15, 2020. The US release date came on July 27, 2020. This is the most up-to-date worldwide list for known release dates for After We Collided.

  • September 2, 2020 (Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, Ireland)
  • September 3, 2020 (Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Ukraine)
  • September 4, 2020 (Bulgaria, Finland)
  • September 10, 2020 (Australia, Middle East, Denmark)
  • September 11, 2020 (Canada, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania)
  • September 17, 2020 (Russia, Serbia. Montenegro, Slovenia)
  • September 18, 2020 (South Africa, Turkey)
  • October 10, 2020 (Netherlands)
  • October 14, 2020 (Belgium)
  • October 23, 2020 (United States)
  • December 22, 2020 (Italy, UK, France: via Amazon Prime)
  • December 22, 2020 (USA: via Netflix)
  • January 1, 2021 (Spain: via Amazon Prime)

Box Office Success

After We Collided was among select films that premiered in theaters when theaters were beginning to reopen from the COVID-19 pandemic. It premiered internationally first, with the films opening weekend scoring particularly well in Italy, Spain, and Portugal, where it was the top title, and delivering an estimated $7.9m over the five-day period. The numbers were significantly higher than the opening weekend viewings for After in Italy, Portugal, and Spain.[14] By August 7, 2020, the overall reportings were estimated at $10.2M on 2,000 screens in 13 markets.[15]

The film opened in an additional 21 markets, bringing in $4.2M, bringing the overall tally to approximately $21M. Overseas, the UK is a particularly notable source of box office success. After premiering last weekend on just 59 screens via Shear Entertainment, theaters upped the count to 380 screens. On the weekend of September 13th, theaters experienced an 18% jump for a cumulative audience (amount of people who visited the theaters) bringing a total of $947K to date. The first film was not released theatrically in the market, selling instead to Netflix, but an online push asked fans to let the exhibition know how much they wanted to see the movie in a cinema.

Voltage President and COO Jonathan Deckter spoke on the success saying, “Our success in the UK is a testament to the power of a strategic grassroots social campaign that spoke directly to our film’s target audience in the forum they prefer. Traditional release marketing will always have its place, but as far as Afternators are concerned, they live and breathe social”.

Germany has made a total of $5.24M to date, followed by Italy where the film opened No. 1 last weekend (weekend of September 6) and has now grossed $4.24M. Spain has exceeded After in 10 days with a current total of $3M. Austria also topped After while Norway earned 156% more than the original. Hungary has also double the number of viewers and purchases than the first movie.[16]

By October 11, 2020, After We Collided had made a total of 42.5 million ahead of its USA October 23 release. The current weekend was good for $2M in 34 markets. The Netherlands opened No. 1 with $820K. Germany claims $8.5M to date, followed by Italy ($4.9M), UK ($4.7M), Russia ($3.8M) and Spain ($3.8M).[17]

The film debuted in the United States on October 23, 2020, on both digital and in theaters. It opened as the No. 1 film in digital entertainment over the weekend, which also had a limited opening in theaters, ranking in the top 10 with $420K at 460 locations.[18] That same weekend internationally, Voltage Pictures reported that After We Collided had a $1M weekend in 36 markets including a number one start in Iceland.[19]

The United States VOD (video on demand) sales were at a high over the Halloween weekend, October 26 - November 2, 2020. After We Collided ranked number one on AppleTV and Google Play, beating out all Halloween classics. It ranked third on FandangoNOW and Spectrum.[20] For box offices, After We Collided saw a large drop compared to overseas markets. It earned 100,000 that weekend, and $2.241 million in total for the United States.[21] The estimated cume for the film thus far is about $50M USD.

Upon its premiere on Netflix in the United States on December 22, 2020, After We Collided rocketed to number one in Netflix's top-ten films and television programs. This is immensely impressive given that the film surpassed several popular Christmas movies including How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Klaus, and The Christmas Chronicles.

Notes and Trivia

  • The film is rated R per Anna Todd's new contract.[22]
  • On August 7, 2019, Roger Kumble was announced to be the new director of the project.
  • After We Collided features Hardin providing the overall voiceover for the film, as opposed to Tessa, who did the voiceover for After.
  • Anna Todd has a cameo in the film as a nightclub patron, who responds on which she books she likes best.
  • After We Collided takes place one month after the events of After.
  • The film was originally given 37 days to film. For unknown reasons, the film had to be shot in 25 days instead.[23]
    • Larry Reibman was hired as a last-minute cinematographer to help finish the film on time.
  • Josephine Langford (Tessa Young) had to learn how to ice skate for a scene.
  • Selma Blair filmed several scenes for the film despite her ongoing battle with MS.[24]
  • Following the footsteps of its predecessor, information regarding the film was leaked to social media either illegally or accidentally. Much of said content has since been deleted, with legal action being taken by Anna Todd and the companies responsible for After We Collided.
    • On December 6, 2019, an illegal foreign trailer for the film was leaked.[25]
    • On January 6, 2020, there was a major content leak when Anna Todd released information to her friends in a group chat. The content included two clips from the film and a (presumably) behind the scenes photo. The information was leaked by one or more members.[26]
  • On December 24, 2019, After Movie released an exclusive Christmas-video featuring Hardin, Tessa, and Santa. The video is not featured in the film.[27]
  • On December 24, 2019, Anna responded to fans on Twitter.
    • She said that the film wouldn't be released in February, despite fan speculation.[28]
    • She had a rough date for the teaser release, however, it was up to the distributors when it would come out. She described the teaser as "fire".[29]
    • Most of AWC takes place around Christmas time, despite it being August/September when the film was shot.[30]
  • On December 31, 2019, Roger Kumble revealed that he and Anna were listening to hundreds of songs in hopes of finding the right ones for certain scenes. Justin Burnett is writing the score.[31]
  • On December 31, 2019, Anna Todd stated that the teaser was originally supposed to be released over the holidays. However, the studio (Voltage pictures) said it wasn't ready for release.[32]
  • On January 22, 2020, Samuel Larsen and Louise Lombard did ADR work for After We Collided. Inanna Sarkis, Khadijha Red Thunder and Josephine Langford did ADR a few days later. Hero Fiennes Tiffin was able to do his ADR from England.
  • On February 5, 2020, the After accounts celebrated Hardin Scott's birthday by posting images promoting the sequel.[33][34][35]
  • On February 7, 2020, the first sneak peek for the film was released. It also teased the potential release of the trailer.[36]
  • On February 14, 2020, the official 46-second teaser was released.
  • On April 12, 2020, the second sneak peek for the film was released. The clip was posted to celebrate the one-year anniversary of After film being released.[37]
  • On April 29, 2020, Anna spoke about After We Collided in a live interview. "I said I wanted Candice King and they gave me Candice, I said I wanted Charlie Weber for Vance, they gave me Charlie, I wanted Karimah Westbrook for Karen. I got all of the castings I wanted in the second movie so I'm very happy."[38]
  • On July 15, 2020, After Movie released several foreign release dates for over a dozen countries with more release dates marketed as coming soon.[39]
    • Also on July 15, the first teaser poster and banner were released and featured an edited still from the film with Hardin and Tessa.
  • On July 20, 2020, the third clip from the film was released. It featured Tessa entering Vance Publishing and meeting Trevor Matthews for the first time in the elevator. She also met Kimberly in person. The clip is the longest clip to-date with a length of one minute and twenty seconds.
  • On July 22, 2020, the official movie poster and banner were released - both with coming soon air dates.
  • On July 27, 2020, the official trailer for After We Collided was released.
  • There will be an After We Collided book cover with a movie poster tie-in.[40]
  • Dove Cameron has two songs as part of the movie. One in the trailer, We Belong, and So Good, heard during the shower sex scene.
  • Roger Kumble reworked certain aspects of the script and production so Selma Blair could have a part in the film despite her ongoing struggle with MS.
  • To create author names at Vance Publishing, Anna and Roger combined names of some fan accounts.[41]
  • Dylan Sprouse wrapped filming two-weeks before Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin.
  • A duplicate of Anna Todd's Wuthering Heights was used in AWC, only due to production having lost her original copy for a week while filming After.
  • Despite the film being released on digital for purchase on October 23rd, 2020, the deleted scenes from the film will not be available then but instead, at another point in time. Roger Kumble teased that the scenes weren't "deleted", but instead, "edited out" of the film.[42]
    • Speaking more on scenes that were deleted or cut out, Roger confirmed which scenes were actually shot versus those that fans had speculated were filmed and believed to be true.[43]
  • There is an Easter egg to director Roger Kumble's iconic directorial film, Cruel Intentions, that is noted for its similar plots to After.
  • Josephine and Hero found it "freeing" and "realistic" to have the R-rating open the ability to curse.[44]
  • The shower scene was the heaviest choreographed scene in the film.[44]
  • The baby photo of Hardin in Ken's house is a real childhood photo of Hero Fiennes Tiffin. Production had him send a photo in for them to use.[44]
  • Anna had to fight with the higher-ups to allow the cast and crew to share any type of behind the scenes content from the film.[44]
  • While filming a club scene with Charlie Weber (Christian Vance), Dylan Sprouse (Trevor Matthews), and Josephine Langford (Tessa Young), the cast and crew were surprised at how sexy Jo was and how she was dancing.[45]
  • Bloopers are included in the DVD package. Roger Kumble ensured that they had bloopers.
    • He confirmed this again on November 10, 2020, when he replied to a fan on Twitter saying that he was prepping for commentary, while the bloopers were waiting for legal approval from the actors involved.[46]
  • While some behind the scenes content were taken, the process of getting them approved and financially backed was too complicated. There most likely won't be a behind the scenes reel. Anna got a lot of content herself as they didn't have a social media producer on set. It should be noted that behind the scenes content is different than promotional content.
  • Because the first film was written and made in a certain way, it changed the plot and events of After We Collided. Because they couldn't "undo" the events they had to do the best they could to evolve the plot. One of the things the producers were able to change from the first film was Hessa's apartment. The new set designer was able to redo the apartment so Hessa had a bedroom and the bathroom was readjusted.
  • The first scene Josephine Langford (Tessa Young) shot in the film was her standing behind a curtain reacting to something.
  • Because of the hype around the fucking Trevor statements, production decided to make a big deal out of the first time Hardin calls Trevor, fucking Trevor.
  • The first week of filming was most of the heavy emotional scenes. Including Hardin's emotions, nightmares, and the assault scene. The second week was lighter with the third really getting into the regular and sexy scenes.
  • They had to remove most of the Zed storylines from AWC, due to him not having the start with Tessa in After that he did in the books.
  • The shower scene was the heaviest choreographed scene in the film.[44]
  • The baby photo of Hardin in Ken's house is a real childhood photo of Hero Fiennes Tiffin. Production had him send a photo in for them to use.[44]
  • Anna had to fight with the higher-ups to allow the cast and crew to share any type of behind the scenes content from the film.[44]
  • The "I love you" scene was the most emotional scene for Anna to watch while filming.[44]
  • Tessa's bracelet was the hardest to get made, with the first version of it being vastly different from what Anna wanted so they remade it a little.[44]
  • Following its availability to rent or purchase digitally, After We Collided was placed in two special bundles. One being the "After bundle" where the film could be purchased alongside its predecessor, After. Another was labeled the "Kumble Bundle" that featured After We Collided and Cruel Intentions.
    • The "Kumble Bundle" was described as, "from acclaimed director Roger Kumble comes two of the hottest romances of all time featuring some of the hottest stars of their generation, After We Collided and Cruel Intentions."
  • The only unscripted kiss in the film was during the Truth or Dare game on New Years, when Tessa gives Hardin a peck after saying "I got this". Roger Kumble elaborated that he couldn't remember if Josephine improvised the kiss or not.[47]
    • The bed scene that followed included a scripted fall off the bed, which had padding for the actors to land on.[48]
  • Roger's least favorite scene to film was the assault scenes with Josephine and Louise. The crew made the environment safe but it was still uncomfortable, with Roger adding that they only filmed it to show context for Hardin's background.[49]
  • On November 25, 2020, it was announced that Amazon Prime had secured a deal to stream After We Collided in the UK, France, Italy and Spain.[50]
    • The film was made available in Italy, United Kingdom, and France on December 22, 2020. The Spain release date was January 1, 2021.
  • After We Collided is available for streaming via the US Netflix on December 22, 2020.[51]




Behind the Scenes


  • Heartbeat by The Fray
  • We Belong & So Good by Dove Cameron
  • Love Me or Leave Me by Little Mix
  • Should Have Known Better by Sufjan Stevens
  • Got My Number by Kim Petras
  • You Were Supposed to Be Different by Aaron Wright
  • Back With the People by Ulysses Well
  • Forbidden Love by Maxchalant & Maiah Manser
  • Wild by Dijon


  25. Anna Todd confirms the legality of the leaked trailer
  26. Confirmation of December 6th leak
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