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Do they not like each other?
Ally to Zed about Tessa and Molly

Ally is a minor character in After We Collided. She is portrayed by Vanessa Dubasso.

Ally is the newest girlfriend of Zed and the most recent member to join the friend circle. Her recent addition makes her oblivious to most of the established relationships and tensions within the group.


Ally is a student at Washington Central University who met Zed Evans at some point before New Years Eve. She is involved in the party scene there.

Film Series[]

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Ally attends the New Years Eve party at the WCU frat house. She attends with her boyfriend, Zed. They are playing beer pong opposite Steph and Tristan. Zed misses his shot and curses loudly but she tells him it's okay so he instantly apologizes and kisses her. Hardin and Tessa arrive moments later, so Ally offers to switch out with Tessa for the next round. She later danced with Zed next to Tessa.

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Zed and Ally sat in a large brown chair with her tracing his chest tattoo as she likes it. She teases him that she has a tattoo but she has to be naked for him to see it. He kisses her just as Molly walks over and demands they move out of her chair so she can sit. Ally is hesitant to oblige but Zed caves in to avoid a fight. She sits on his lap on the couch. Tessa and Hardin sit on the couch, and Tessa instantly begins some banter with Molly. Ally was confused as to why Zed was opposed to the girls playing Truth or Dare. He brushed it off as a long story. She watched Molly and Tessa bickering and asked Zed if they didn't like each other. When Tessa tackled Molly, Ally jumped up with Zed to witness the brawl.

Physical Appearance[]

Ally is an attractive young woman with chin-length blonde hair, a small physique, and hazel eyes. She dresses in edgy clothing such as crop tops and cutoff shorts. She is usually seen wearing blue eyeshadow and a plethora of accessories. She has a butterfly tattoo that isn't visible while she's dressed.


Ally is very flirtatious and confident in her relationship with Zed. She doesn't shy away from PDA, but doesn't cope well with confrontation as seen when she obeys Molly's command to move out of the chair they're in. Ally also doesn't pick up on social cues, and had to ask Zed if Tessa and Molly don't like each other even though the answer was clear.


  • Zed Evans: Zed and Ally have been dating for a little over a month and are very public with their affections for one another. Their relationship annoys Molly who grows tired of their flirtations and innuendos after a while.

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