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Before is the fifth book in the After novel series and serves as a prequel to After. It was published to paper on December 8, 2015.


Book Five of the After series—Anna Todd’s Wattpad fanfiction that racked up one billion reads online and captivated romance readers across the globe! As told by Hardin and other characters, Before will explore his life before he met Tessa, reveal what happens after After, give you new insights on their turbulent romance—and revel in the awesome power of true love. #HESSA

Before explores Hardin Scott’s life before Tessa, reveals what happens after After, and gives new insights on their turbulent #Hessa romance. BEFORE Hardin met Tessa he was a raging storm. DURING those first moments they met, he realized he needed to keep her for himself—his life depended on it. AFTER they got together, the world would never be the same. Hardin and Tessa’s dramatic love affair became a vortex pulling in everyone around them. For the first time, these others are given voice as they appear before, during, and after the events in original After novels. Alongside them, Hardin’s account of his first encounters with Tessa—which will change what you thought you knew about the brooding boy and the angel who loved him.


The story has three parts.

  • Part One: Before - This first part chronicles the story before After, and how several characters came to be who they are.
  • Part Two: During - Part two happens during After. The story is told solely from Hardin's point of view and includes twenty-three chapters.
  • Part Three: After - This third part discusses many characters lives after the events of the four books and how each character was impacted by it and or moving forward with their lives

Points of View[]

The story is told from various points of view outside of Hardin and Tessa's. These include:

  • Natalie Kingsley (who tells about her life before she met Hardin and how she ended up meeting Hardin)
  • Molly Samuels (discusses her life before moving to Washington and why she became so "cold")
  • Melissa (tells about her relationship with her brother, Dan, and how she met Hardin)
  • Steph Jones (discusses her family life and her overshadowing sister)
  • Hardin (his thoughts throughout the events of the first book, After)
  • Zed (his life after Hardin and Tessa moved away and how he met Therise)
  • Landon (discusses what going through his head after just settling down in New York)
  • Christian (reflects on what led him to have the affair with Trish and how happy he is now with Kimberly and Smith)
  • Smith (talks about his relationship with Hardin as well as Christian and Hardin's relationship)
  • Hessa (goes over the events of an Easter with Emery and Auden and them both reflecting on how after everything they are still in love and now happy with their lives)

Notes and Trivia[]