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Dakota is a fictional character in the After series written by Anna Todd. She is the ex-girlfriend of Landon Gibson.


Dakota grew up in Michigan and was a next-door neighbor to Landon. Dakota's mother, Yolanda, left Dakota early on and left her to grow up with an abusive father and an older brother who acted as her protector. Her brother Carter was constantly being beaten by her father and later was rumored to be gay, adding to his torment. He later killed himself. When her brother died, Landon became her protector. She and Landon grew on to have a romantic relationship. She later moved to New York to pursue dance and broke up with Landon. She lived in an apartment with her roommates Maggy and Sophia. In the Landon series, she later confesses that she still loves Landon and wants another chance with him but is later turned down due to Landon's developing feelings towards Sophia. Amid this, she tries to get Sophia to agree to leave Landon alone and later reveals Sophia's secret to Landon. Despite this, she was in love with Landon but Nora betrayed her, as she knew about Landon and Dakota's relationship. In the end, Dakota was alone, with no family or friends.

Physical Appearance[]

Dakota is slim, with caramel-colored skin, dark curly hair, and brown eyes. She has a small-sized chest, according to Landon.


Dakota is a talented dancer.