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"It's settled then, I'm going to have so much fun on this trip!"
—Emery to Hardin

Emery Scott is a character in the After series written by Anna Todd. She is the daughter of Hardin Scott and Tessa Young as well as Auden's older sister.


Emery is the first-born daughter and child of Tessa Young and Hardin Scott. Tessa and Hardin had decided to take a break from their efforts to have a child, due to Tessa's miscarriage and thwarted futility trials. When winter came, Tessa happily told Hardin that she was two months pregnant, and seven months later, they had a "little blonde miracle named Emery".

Six years later, Emery came home from school upset at Addy for telling her that Emery wasn't her best friend anymore. She angrily stomped into the house and slammed her bedroom door shut. She didn't want to talk to her parents, but Hardin went into her room anyway. He sat on her bed and she told him all about her problem and how Addy was acting like a brat. Hardin told her that Addy was family, and when Emery asked if she could get a new family, he reminded her that would mean getting new parents too. She was horrified by the idea and proclaimed that she didn't want that. Hardin then listened to her rant and remarked on every sentence. Tessa noted that Hardin was closer to Emery then she was, primarily because Emery enjoyed pushing the limits and Tessa was more of a push-over compared to Hardin. A few months later Emery became an older sister to Auden.

At seventeen, Emery was full of attitude and spunk. She wanted nothing more than to go on a senior trip with the rest of her class. Hardin was against the idea, but Tessa reminded him that they already paid for it. An elated Emery left the house with her younger brother to drive to school.


Emery's personality, just like her physical appearance, is mix of Tessa and Hardin. She is stubborn like Tessa and she is headstrong, arrogant, intelligent and rebellious like Hardin. Tessa describes her as father's daughter.

Physical Appearance[]

Emery is the perfect mix of Tessa and Hardin. She has long blonde hair which straightened as a teen and green eyes. She has a slim physique and is full of attitude and spunk which shows when she speaks and walks.