"I never lost hope because Tessa is my hope. She always has been and always will be."
Hardin Scott is a fictional character and antagonist of the After series written by Anna Todd. Hardin Scott is the love interest of the main protagonist, Tessa Young.

Background Edit

Early Life Edit

Hardin Scott was born to Trish Powell and Ken Scott (and Christian Vance, his biological father) in London, England. Hardin had a troubled childhood due to his neglectful, abusive, alcoholic father. His father would spend his nights at the bar while he and his mother would fend for themselves. Eventually, Ken just stops showing up and left Trish to officially be the head of the household. Little Hardin witnessed a horrible act done to his mother and was traumatized by this. He had nightmares every night about that event and those nightmares followed him into adulthood. Trish was unintentionally neglectful to Hardin because she spent most of her hours working to make sure they had food on the table. Trish and Ken's friend Christian Vance, feeling sympathy for them due to Ken's absence, brought Hardin novels and read them to him. This is what influenced Hardin's love for books. Hardin grew up having respect for Vance and was one of the only few characters Hardin treated with respect. Hardin, withholding deep anger at his father for his neglect and abuse, began rebelling. He engaged in physical fights, drug and alcohol abuse, criminal activity, and bullying. He disrespected women, using them as pieces to games and sexual pleasure. Hardin became so emotionally hardened that he refrained from saying "I love you" to his mother. During his late teen years, Ken Scott supposedly cleaned up his act, was in a new relationship, and chancellor of a college in the states. After his most cruel act against a young girl named Natalie, his mother shipped him off to the U.S. to attend college at Washington Central University, where Ken is the chancellor.

Early Adulthood Edit

Hardin began college at Washington Central University in August 2011. He majored in English Literature and joined a fraternity so that he didn't have to live with his father. He befriended a troubled group of individuals, Nate, Steph, Zed, Molly, Jace, Dan, and Logan. He, thus, continued the pattern he left off on with friends in England, in the states with his new friends. He worked as an intern at Vance Publishing for while until he got a better job offer doing the same thing but working from home. He drank and partied his life away, as well as, slept around. By the end of his second year, he gave up drinking. Despite his reckless behavior, he managed to be a year ahead in credits for his degree. In his third year of college, he meets a freshman named Tessa and becomes infatuated with her. Thus, he forms a bet with his friends involving her. Throughout his pursuit of winning the bet, he falls in love with her. They embark on a rocky relationship due to Hardin's emotional trauma he's never dealt with. Hardin attempts to have a relationship with his father and the rest of his family, under the influence of Tessa. He discovers that his biological father is Christian Vance and that he has a younger brother named Smith. Hardin befriends his stepbrother, Landon, who also happens to be Tessa's best friend. Hardin tries very hard to be a better man and be what Tessa needs. After a lot of pain and tragedy, Hardin and Tessa take some time apart. Tessa moves to New York with Landon and he remains in Washington. During this time he befriended Luke and Kasi and graduates college. He healed his relationship with his family and sought counseling for his issues. His secret work gets acknowledged and he becomes a successful writer.

Late Adulthood Edit

In the future, he works as a freelance writer. He and Tessa never married but they live together in an apartment in New York. They have two children: a daughter named Emery and a son name Auden. Despite all the hell he has been through he ended up happy.

Physical Appearance Edit

Hardin Scott is described to be an attractive, white, British male. He has curly brown hair that is always pushed back, green eyes, dimples, and a set frown on his face. He has many tattoos all over his chest, neck, arms, and torso. He also has a lip piercing. He is described to be tall and lean, with a natural fit body. His knuckles are bruised and scarred from his constant fighting. He dresses in mainly black t-shirts and black jeans, with dark colored boots. He sometimes wears white shirts and black converse. When he is not frowning, he is smirking. At the end of the series, his hair was so long he could put it in a bun. His looks were based on the former One Direction member, Harry Styles. He will be portrayed by Hero Fiennes-Tiffin in the After movie and will not have as many tattoos or the lip piercing.

Personality Edit

Hardin is very charming, crude, and sarcastic. Before Hardin met Tessa, all he cared about was feeding his ego and satisfying his sexual needs. He did a lot of horrible things to women and had zero remorse for his actions. Hardin also had serious anger issues, being unable to control himself when other people upset him. He was very rude, impulsive, and selfish, yet irresistible to women. He was the typical bad boy, lothario. Hardin is introverted, preferring to keep his distance from others. None of his college friends really knew him personally. He could hide away for days then come out of hiding on the weekends to attend parties. He never enjoyed the parties, however, stating that he only attended because there was nothing else to do to waste time while in college. Hardin prefers to live in the moment. He'd rather not overanalyze things or contemplate the future. Hardin is very intelligent and doesn't have to put much effort into school to do well. He missed a lot of class and delayed doing his work but still managed to graduate a year early. Behind his cocky and tough exterior, Hardin was deeply insecure and hurt. He felt that he was not worthy of love due to his past mistakes and abuse. Tessa basically breathed Hardin back to life, influencing him to feel things and think before he acted. After Hardin fully recovered from his childhood, he became a healthier person and an advocate for those that suffered as he did.

Significant Relationships Edit

  1. Son of Trish and Ken Scott.
  2. Biological son of Christian Vance.
  3. Half-brother to Smith.
  4. Step-son to Karen Scott and Kimberly Vance.
  5. Soulmate/Fiance of Tessa Young.
  6. Father to Emery and Auden Scott.
  7. Best friend to Landon Gibson.
  8. God-father to Addelyn Gibson.
  9. Ex-friends with benefits of Molly Samuels.
  10. Frenemy of Zed Evans.
  11. Ex-friend, fling, and former crush of Steph Jones.