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This article is about Hessa's apartment in the novel series. You may be looking for the film location.

Hessa's apartment was an apartment located in Washington, USA. It was rented by Hardin Scott and Tessa Young throughout their tumultuous years at WCU.


Hardin initially leased the apartment after Carol stopped supporting Tessa financially. He proposed that they move into the apartment together, since he wanted to leave his fraternity house, anyway. She agreed and they lived there until they broke up a few months later.

Tessa lived there off and on after their breakup before finally moving back in full-time. Kimberly once asked Tessa to look after her stepson, Smith, while she and Christian were gone for the night. Despite Hardin's initial objections, the couple agreed to watch the boy.

After the death of Tessa's father, the couple ended their contract with the building and moved out.



Former Guests[]

Notes and Trivia[]

  • It is a one bed one bath apartment. All of the guests have slept on the couch, except for Smith, who didn't stay the night.
  • Unlike the film location, the bathtub and shower are in the bathroom.
  • Richard Young overdosed in the bathroom of the apartment.
  • Richard and his friend broke into the apartment once, however, they didn't steal anything of importance.
  • There is at least one hole in the wall from Hardin punching it.