Jace is a fictional, stock character of the After series written by Anna Todd. He is the former friend of antagonist, Hardin Scott.

Background Edit

Jace is the instigator and participant of forming bets regarding females with Hardin and the rest of the group. Jace was the reason Hardin's betrayal was outed to Tessa. He planned to hook up with her after they broke up.

Physical Appearance Edit

He has an intimidating appearance. He has many tattoos. He will be portrayed by Swen Temmel in the After movie.

Personality Edit

Jace, like the group of punk friends, is a dark individual that can harm others without remorse. Hardin describes Jace as jerk, who is easily provoked and likes games. He is hinted to be the most dangerous of the group. He has stated that college is not for him.