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Jace is a character in the film adaptation of After. He is portrayed by Swen Temmel.

A rebellious outsider with an air of danger around him, Jace is the instigator of many issues within the friend group, and was friends with Hardin Scott before the bet.


Jace is the instigator and participant in forming bets regarding females with Hardin and the rest of the group. Jace was one of the reasons Hardin's betrayal was outed to Tessa.

Physical Appearance[]

He is described to be classically handsome and athletic, with a brooding, mysterious and intense aura. He has straight, short, light blonde hair which is often gelled or spiked. He is often seen wearing dark colors such as black, grey and dark blue. Jace wears several necklaces and rings which adds to his grunge look. His left earlobe is pierced and he can be seen wearing a small gold hoop earring.


Jace, like his group of friends, is a dark individual that can harm others without remorse. Hardin describes Jace as a jerk, who is easily provoked and likes games. He is hinted to be the most dangerous of the group. He has said that college is not for him.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Jace is a tattoo artist and is seen giving Steph Jones a hip tattoo.
  • Since Jace graduated, it's unknown why he is still on campus and seen hanging out at the fraternity house.