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Jace is a fictional anti-hero character in the After novel series written by Anna Todd. He is a rebellious, dangerous, and daring instigator. He was friends with Hardin Scott before the bet.

In the After film series, he is portrayed by Swen Temmel.


Jace attended and graduated from WCU a few years before Hardin and the rest of the group. He stayed involved with the students and became a dealer for many students.

After forming a group with Hardin, Zed, Molly, and Steph, Jace soon became a dangerous member. He is the instigator and participant in forming bets regarding women, Hardin, and the rest of the group. Jace was one of the reasons Hardin's betrayal was outed to Tessa. Jace planned to hook up with Tessa after she broke up with Hardin.


Jace, like his group of friends, is a dark individual that can harm others without remorse. He is seen to be arrogant and sarcastic, showing little to no regard for the women or people he hurts. He uses people he can get his hands on as his playthings. Hardin describes Jace as a jerk, who is easily provoked and likes games. He is hinted to be the most dangerous of the group.

Physical Appearance[]

He is described to be classically handsome and athletic, with a brooding, mysterious and intense aura. Jace has numerous tattoos and piercings and wears glasses.

Notes and Trivia[]