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Of course. I never kiss and tell.
Jamie to Hardin

Jamie is a character in After We Collided. She is portrayed by Ariel Jasmine Ryther.

As a former conquest of Hardin's, Jamie was part of Hardin's early years at WCU, and one of the people whose forgiveness he hopes will help him be better for his girlfriend.


Jamie attends Washington Central University and is active in the party scene. At some point during her time at WCU, Jamie had a romantic relationship with Hardin that ended poorly. He describes their relationship as being one of his many conquests, which he later felt guilty over.

After meeting Tessa Young and finally committing, Hardin sought to make things right with Jamie as his relationship with Tessa had changed the way he wants to treat people in the future, and the way he wants to handle his past.

Film Series[]

AWC SC262.png

Jamie attends a New Year's Eve party at the WCU frat house in which she wears a mask. Hardin catches up to her near the steps and removes her mask, remarking that he thought he recognized her but wasn't sure. She greets him with a smile and he asks if they can talk upstairs - somewhere alone. She agrees and follows his lead upstairs. They emerge together a few hours later and go their separate ways.

AWC SC280.png

Later that night, Jamie is talking with someone on the stairs later when Hardin approaches her again. He's glad they were able to talk and she returns the sentiment. He then asks her to keep what happened between them, as he doesn't want anyone to know yet. She puts her hand on his arm, assuring him that she doesn't kiss and tell. She then sees Tessa Young on the steps behind Hardin. Tessa overreacts by taking this statement literally and shoves Hardin out of her way as she calls him a liar, running out of the party.

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Jamie, who is just leaving the party, is intercepted by Hardin who asks if she has a phone charger. The only charger she has is in her car, so he accepts the ride. Once in the car, his phone finally turns on and her disapproval over his involvement with his phone is clear. She notices a car accident at an intersection and remarks on it, so Hardin looks over and is horrified to see that Tessa's car was involved. He shouts for Jamie to pull over and stop the car. When the car is pulled to the side he jumps out, not bothering to close the door.

Physical Appearance[]

Jamie is a very attractive young woman in her late teens or early twenties, with curled black hair and light brown eyes. She has a thin build and tanned skin.


Jamie is a partier who enjoys her life and doesn't harbor much resentment for the things that have been done to her in the past.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Jamie could be based on Melissa, a character from the After book series. Both were former conquests of Hardin Scott, though Melissa's history with Hardin is more complicated than that of Jamie's. In the book series, Hardin had a sexual relationship with Melissa before her met Tessa. He later exploited Melissa by secretly filming them. She was also the sister of Dan, who wanted revenge on Hardin for how he treated Melissa.