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Jenny Gage is an American producer and director. She was the director for the 2019 hit film, After. The film was the debut movie in the After film franchise.

Biography and Career[]

Jenny made her feature film debut with the documentary, All this Panic, which she made alongside her partner Tom Betterton. That film was a documentary about three teenage girls living in Brooklyn. With the film After, Gage made her first narrative feature film premiere.

When speaking about what attracted her to the film, she said she had been looking for a project that was about coming of age and sexual awakening told through a young woman's point of view. She drew inspiration for how the film would look and feel from Instagram and real young women's accounts.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Jenny has two or more children, both of whom are friends with After star, Hero Fiennes-Tiffin.
  • After reading the script for the film, Jenny went on to read the first book before the project meeting.
    • Jenny helped to adapt the book into a screenplay. She worked alongside Tom Betterton, Susan McMartin, and Tamara Chestnut. She took input from Anna Todd while working on the script.
  • Her favorite love story of all time is Say Anything.
  • She was heavily involved in the casting process for After.
  • Showing the female perspective of a coming-of-age story was very important to Jenny's vision of the film.
  • Jenny was quite close to After star Hero Fiennes-Tiffin, as he would often do his laundry at her house and play games with her kids.
  • Despite having directed the first film, Jenny did not direct the second film for unknown reasons.