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This article is about the book character. You may be looking for the film character.

Karen Scott, better known as Karen Gibson, is a fictional character from the After novel series written by Anna Todd. She is the step-mother of protagonist, Hardin Scott and the mother of confidante character, Landon Gibson. She is the current wife of Ken Scott.

She is portrayed by Jennifer Beals in After, Karimah Westbrook in After We Collided and Frances Turner in After We Fell and After Ever Happy.


She lost her first husband at the age of 25. She raised her son Landon all on her own. She was close to her mother and sister. She was greatly affected by her mother's death. Ken was the second man she ever loved and encouraged Ken to make things right with Hardin.

Physical Appearance[]

Karen is said to have an inviting and friendly appearance. She will be portrayed by Jennifer Beals in the 2019 film adaptation, After.


Karen is extremely warm and welcoming. She is accepting of all people. She loves to bake. She is a good mother to Landon and becomes somewhat of a mother figure to Tessa.