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This article is about the novel character. You may be looking for the film character.

"I want her to know that pain is only permanent if we allow it to be."
—Landon in "Nothing More"

Landon Gibson is a fictional character in Anna Todd's After series. He is the best friend of Tessa Young and Hardin Scott. He is also the main protagonist of the Landon series.

In the After film adaptations, Landon is portrayed by Shane Paul McGhie and Chance Perdomo.


Early Life[]

Landon Gibson was born to Karen Tucker-Gibson and Allen Michael Gibson in a small town in the state of Michigan. Landon describes his childhood as full of the sweetest smells of chocolate chip cookies and maple squares. He lost his father at an early age and he claims to have no recollection of the man. His mother filled his childhood with stories of Allen, trying to make up for his early death. Allen was said to be a humble, well-liked man with dreams of being a rockstar. Allen died at the age of 25 from natural causes.

His grandmother was a big part of his childhood and remembers that her death greatly affected Karen. His aunt Reese was a big part of his childhood, being close to his mother Karen. Reese was married to a man named Keith that died young, like his father. Therefore, Landon grew up without a father figure. Landon had a childhood best friend named Carter that lived down his block. Carter had a younger sister named Dakota and an abusive, crook of a father. Carter was Dakota's protector.

After Carter's death, he grew close to his sister Dakota and became her protector. Their relationship progressed from friendship to romantic relationship. They have a strong attachment to one another because of all that they went through together. Landon was an overweight child and was bullied for this. The students called him "Lardy Landon" and when he dropped all the weight they proceeded to call him "Lanky Landon". Landon and his mother moved to Washington during his senior year of high school because of her relationship with Ken Scott. He proceeded to attend Washington Central University after graduating high school.

Early Adulthood[]

Landon lived with his mother Karen and her boyfriend Ken Scott while attending college at Washington Central University. He stayed out of trouble and on top of his studies. He spent his free time reading, hanging out with his mom Karen or Tessa, and waiting to get a call from his girlfriend Dakota. He was a loyal friend to Tessa and later Hardin. Dakota ended up breaking up with him to experience the single life while pursuing her dream to be a dancer in New York.

During this time, he developed a crush on Ken's neighbor, Sophia, but felt he was way out of her league. Near the end of his freshman year of college, Karen becomes pregnant with Ken's child. Landon ends up moving to New York with Tessa to win Dakota back and transferred to New York University for his sophomore year of college. While in New York, Landon worked as a barista at a coffee shop, Grind. He spent his days pining over Dakota and supporting Tessa in her grieving. He formed a friendship with Sophia and they fell in love. After managing the awkward love triangle between him, Dakota, and Sophia, he and Sophia end up together.

Late Adulthood[]

In the future, he works as an elementary school teacher to support his wife Sophia and daughter Addelyn.

Physical Appearance[]

Landon was described to have brown hair and brown eyes. He is fit and attractive. He was described to resemble a young David Beckham.


Landon is shy, smart, ambitious, caring, studious, wise, mature, and well-behaved. He goes through great lengths to be there for his loved ones. Sometimes, people will take advantage of how nice he is. He is a bit awkward and nerdy, with a love for Harry Potter books.


  1. Son of Karen and Allen Michael Gibson.
  2. Step-son to Ken Scott.
  3. Husband to Sophia Gibson.
  4. Father of Addelyn.
  5. Best friend to Tessa and Hardin.
  6. Ex-boyfriend to Dakota.

The After Film Franchise[]

Landon is portrayed by actors Shane Paul McGhie and Chance Perdomo in the After film series. Landon is quite similar to his novel counterpart in terms of family background and history, but the characters are quite similar in terms of personality, although with some character differences. "Landon Gibson" is a supporting character and best friend of the heroine and protagonist, Tessa Young. He is also the step-brother of the protagonist, Hardin Scott. He remains intelligent and kind-hearted like his novel counterpart. He doesn't have a relationship with Dakota in the film, as opposed to the novel, where they are in a long-term relationship.