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Meadow Williams is an American actress and an executive equity producer on the romance-drama film, After. She portrayed Professor Soto in After. She did not reprise her role in the sequel, After We Collided.

Biography and Career[]

Meadow Williams was born in Florida and raised in Tennessee on a large dairy farm. A modeling job got her a free trip to New York, where she studied acting and soon drove to Los Angeles. Meadow began acting work very quickly and continued working in television and movies. Currently, Meadow acts, writes, and produces in Los Angeles.




Notes and Trivia[]

  • Meadow is in a relationship with fellow After actor, Swen Temmel.
  • She was in a public feud with fellow After actress, Inanna Sarkis, after Inanna alleged the photos Meadow posted on Instagram were without her and the other cast members consent. The photos have since been removed from Instagram.
  • Meadow did not reprise her role of "Professor Soto" in After We Collided. She also did not return as an executive equity producer.