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This article is about the novel character. You may be looking for the film character.

Molly Samuels is a fictional, villainous character in the After series written by Anna Todd. She is the former enemy of the protagonist, Tessa Young, and the ex-friends with benefits of Hardin Scott.

Molly is portrayed by Inanna Sarkis in the After film franchise.


Early Life[]

In her youth, Molly was a relatively well-behaved girl and devout church attender in a small town of Ohio. She had a great father who did all he could for her and a mother who abandoned her at a young age. Molly believes her mother left because she found her father and town boring. She is deeply scarred by her abandonment. Molly's boyfriend died in a car crash caused by her. She struggled to cope with his death and her involvement that she punished herself by engaging in self-sabotaging behaviors. She started missing church, dyed her hair pink, got her nipple pierced and tattoos. She chose to attend Washington Central University instead of Ohio State University to run away from her past. While in college, she attended a fraternity party for a weekend, where slept around, and consumed drugs and alcohol.

Physical Appearance[]

Molly is described to be thin, with pink hair, and loads of eyeliner surrounding her eyes. It is revealed that her natural hair is blonde despite her pink locks. She dresses provocatively and has many tattoos, as well as, a nipple piercing.


Molly is a girl that desires attention and love. She goes as far as giving herself up to men and baring her body just to be praised. She can be harsh when sharing her opinion and do mean things to others but she has a good heart deep down.