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Oh, you know me - breaking hearts and taking names.
Noah to Tessa

Noah Porter is a character in the After film saga. He is portrayed by Dylan Arnold.

Noah is the rational, kind, high school boyfriend of Tessa Young. His big heart leaves him caught in the whirlwind that is Tessa's newest relationship.


Noah Porter grew up on the same block as Tessa Young in Washington. He was raised by both his mother and father and was an only child. He dated Tessa during their high school years after their friendship evolved.

Film Series[]



Noah is the bright-eyed, level-headed high school boyfriend of Tessa Young who has a close relationship to Tessa's mother, Carol. Noah escorts Tessa to Washington Central University where she is attending college as a Freshman. He is still a senior in high school but plans to join her at WCU next year. The pair don't engage in much PDA and Noah is even mistaken as Tessa's brother by her roommate, Steph. Noah remains in touch with Tessa throughout the day and wishes her the best of luck for her first day of school. They communicate mainly through texts, though he does call her the night she attends a frat party at WCU. He is upset at her attendance and lashes out over her going to college and suddenly going to parties. She is angered and hangs upon him, which leads Noah to contact Carol about Tessa attending a party. He later texts her to tell her that he's sorry but just looking out for her best interests. He also warns her that Carol is upset about the party.


When the couple begins to grow distant, Noah surprises her at WCU with flowers and tells her that he's staying the night there. She is thrilled and hugs him, though he is unaware of her flirtatious relationship with Hardin Scott. They attend a bonfire where another group begins to play a game where they pass a card back and forth using only their lips. When it's Tessa's turn she attempts to get the card from Jace, who purposefully blows it in her face. He attempts to come onto her but Noah tells him to stop, sensing Tessa's discomfort. Jace still persists with Tessa pushing him away with her hand while Noah tells him to chill. Before another second passes, Hardin leaps across the circle and punches Jace. The boys exchange blows before they are pulled apart. Tessa stares at Hardin in shock and their eyes meet as Zed attempts to calm him down. Hardin storms off leaving Noah confused as he consoles Tessa.


They return to Tessa's room they watch a movie and cuddle where he falls asleep next to her. Tessa sneaks away in the middle of the night to see Hardin per her friend Landon's request and winds up staying the night with Hardin. She hurries back to the dorm where Noah is worried about where she went and confronts her about what kind of friend needed her help in the middle of the night. Hardin appears behind Tessa and Noah pieces together that Tessa cheated on him and hurries away to his car. Tessa begs with him to listen and hear her out, but he emotionally admits that he isn't interested in her excuses. He is hurt by her betrayal and leaves the campus. They don't speak for weeks, with Carol telling Tessa that Noah was really hurt by her actions.


When things end with Hardin, Tessa returns to her hometown where she visits her mother. Carol advises that she make things right with Noah, and Tessa goes to her old school where Noah is done with soccer practice. They sit down and talk with her apologizing for the way things ended. He notes that he was upset for a while but he has moved on with another girl and is doing fine. She is happy for him and they end things on good terms with the possibilities of a future friendship there if they choose to be friends later.

After We Collided[]

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In December, Tessa drives back to her childhood home to celebrate her birthday with her mother. She is greeted by Noah who compliments her on the new car. They share a hug, both mutually happy to see one another, though Noah's hug lasts remarkably longer. He knew that she would be in town today as he spoke with her mom, which Tessa asks if she had him on speed dial as soon as she crossed state lines. Noah quips back that Carol knows a good thing when she sees it and they laugh. She asks how senior year is and he awkwardly tells her that he's "breaking hearts and taking names" before deflecting back onto her that he heard about the internship. He then asks if everything is cool with the thing with her dad, but Tessa is oblivious to this and Noah quickly realizes that he messed up.

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His phone rings and she sees that it's her mother so she answers for Noah, and Carol apologizes as she got stuck at work but asks if Tessa got there yet, unaware that Tessa is the one who answered. Noah quickly shouts that Tessa knows and Carol nonchalantly realizes that Tessa is with him, hoping that she didn't interrupt anything. Noah is forced to witness the fight that commences, and Tessa eventually shoves the phone back at Noah and leaves. Noah is emotional and tells Carol that he messed up but doesn't know what happened.

Physical Appearance[]

Noah is an attractive teenager with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. He is physically built with an athletic and lean build. He dresses in a preppy fashion style. He always wears his signature cardigan and loafers that he purchased from the Gap.


Noah is a true gentleman and prefers to stay true to tradition. He believes in waiting until marriage to have sex. Noah is also very athletic and plays various sports.


  • Tessa Young - Tessa dated Noah during high school and the first few weeks of college. They were high school sweethearts, but she didn't feel the same connection to Noah that she did Hardin. They later broke up when Noah discovered her affair with Hardin. They have since formed a friendship that seems to be positive, with him moving on romantically during her tumultuous relationship with Hardin. They have remained friendly toward one another, with Noah holding onto past feelings for Tessa. He is supported by Tessa's mother, who has a strained relationship with Tessa.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Noah plays soccer for his high school team.



  1. After takes place in 2019, and Noah is either 17 or 18