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Richard Young is a fictional character in Anna Todd's After series. He was the estranged father of Tessa Young.

Richard is portrayed by Stefan Rollins in the film adaptation of After We Collided.


Richard had a disordered relationship with Carol Young, and she became pregnant while they were dating. They had to marry young, which Carol's parents disapproved of. They had a daughter, Tessa, together. They lived in a small town in the state of Washington. Richard provided quite a rough life for his family due to his ongoing problems with substance abuse.

Carol covered for Richard as much as she could, but their fights eventually became so volatile that he left Carol and Tessa.

Not much is known about his life on the streets, except that he fell into the wrong crowd and, at some point, began using drugs. He lost his job and lived either with other addicts or on the streets.

Physical Appearance[]


Richard was short-tempered and inflicted fear on those around him when he was angered. He cared for his daughter and wife, however, his addictions were always more intense than his love for them.