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This article is about the film character. You may be looking for the book character.

Kimberly, will you marry my dad and be my stepmom?
Smith proposes to Kimberly

Smith Vance is a character in the After film series. He is based on Smith Vance from the After novel series. Smith is portrayed by Max Ragone in After We Collided, and Anton Kottas in After We Fell and After Ever Happy.

Smith is the only son of publishing tycoon Christian Vance. Smith views his father's girlfriend, Kimberly, as his maternal figure.


Smith is the only child of Christian Vance and his wife. When Smith's mother died, his father's assistant Kimberly began to help Christian care for Smith. As she grew closer to the family she and Vance developed a romantic relationship. She adores Smith and would do nearly anything for the child. He seems to reciprocate this sense of caring about her.

Film Series[]

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Kimberly calls Tessa and tells her that Christian is home with the flu and she has a meeting that she can't reschedule. So there's no one to watch Smith for the afternoon, and asks Tessa if she would mind watching the boy. Tessa loves kids so she happily agrees and forces her boyfriend, Hardin, to participate in the babysitting. Hardin agrees due to a birthday promise he made to Tessa. Kimberly thanks the couple for helping and tells Smith that Tessa will watch him, and that she will be back soon. Once she leaves, Tessa kneels in front of the child and asks if he wants markers to draw with. Smith dryly responds that he doesn't like to draw. She offers food but he isn't hungry. She asks what he would like to do, and they set up his train set in the lobby.

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Tessa has to work so Hardin is left to watch over the boy, who is entranced in his train. Hardin asks Smith to tell him about his train, but Smith stays quiet so Hardin feigns that he didn't want to hear about them anyway. Smith bluntly asks what all the marks on his arms, with Hardin explaining they're his tattoos. Smith asks why he has them, to which Hardin states that it's because he likes them. Smith wonders if he worries what other people think about them, but Hardin sharply says that he doesn't give a fuck what other people think. Picking up on the language, Smith asks which people Hardin "doesn't give a fuck about", to which Hardin curses again telling him not to say fuck. Smith robotically begins repeating the two curse words Hardin said as if it were a mantra, "shit, fuck". Tessa appears and Hardin lies that Smith is hungry now and that she should get him food, playing it off as a playful yet sweet moment to cover for the boy who is still robotically repeating the words. When Tessa is out of earshot, Hardin quickly rejoins Smith.

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Kimberly comes to pick up Smith later that night, and they are in the elevator when Hardin hands her a crate with the rest of Smith's toys. They talk for a moment before Hardin kneels in front of Smith, offering a fist bump as he states, "see ya, mate" to the boy who repeats the sentiment. Hardin smiles at the boy as the elevator doors close.

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In January, Smith is present at his father's going away party at the Vance house. Vance gives a toast and brings up that his son told him that going away parties are sad, to which Vance agreed so they came up with a way to make it a celebration. He bends over and whispers in Smith's ear and the boy walks toward Kimberly who is across from him, and pulls out a ring box. He drops to one knee and opens the box asking her to marry his dad and be his stepmom. She is thrilled and hugs him tightly as she agrees.

Physical Appearance[]

Smith is an adorable young child around the age of six, with short black hair, brown eyes, and a small smile. He wears sweaters and khakis paired with high-end sneakers. When the occasion calls for it, he wears a dress vest, button-up shirt, dress pants, and black dress shoes.


Smith is smart, perceptive, and quiet. He communicates with others by asking blunt and direct questions and doesn't enjoy things that most kids like, such as drawing.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Smith doesn't like to draw, but does enjoy playing with model trains that he carries in a travel case.
  • He learned two curse words while under Hardin's watch.