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Nora Gibson (nee de Laurentis), better known as Sophia Gibson, is a fictional character in the After novel series written by Anna Todd. She is the love interest and later wife of Landon Gibson.


Sophia grew up in a rich household, and growing up would act wild and try to rebel against her family's conformity. She later married Amir de Laurentis at age 19 to spite her family and to not have her income be dependent on her family's wealth. Amir later got in an accident leaving him paralyzed and Sophia with the paper work for land in his name which she had been refusing to give to his family to sell. Sophia lived down the street from the Gibson-Scott family, and befriended them rather quickly. She was friends with Karen first, as they shared the same interests in baking and cooking. She later moved to New York and lived with Dakota. She befriended Tessa and later began a romantic relationship with Landon. She later became married to Landon as mentioned in Nothing Less and After Ever Happy.


She is described to be very confident, intriguing and secretive at first.

Physical Appearance[]

She is tall and has long dark curly hair and brown-green eyes.