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Stefan Rollins is an American actor and producer. He portrayed Richard Young in the second installment of the After film series, After We Collided.

Biography and Career[]

Stefan is known for his guest roles in popular television series, The Walking Dead, Powers, Queen of the South, Gridlock, and Dead Silent.

In 2019. Stefan was cast in the second installment of the After franchise, After We Collided. His role was listed as "homeless man" and it wasn't until the movie opened internationally that his true role as main heroine Tessa Young's estranged father, Richard Young, leaked. His role was later confirmed by him when he announced his leave from the franchise.

In 2020, Stefan was not asked to return for the final two installments of the series, After We Fell and After Ever Happy despite wanting to return. He announced his leave on October 13, 2020, in an Instagram post.[1]



Year Title Role
2020 After We Collided Richard Young

Notes and Trivia[]

  • He was asked to grow a "homeless man" beard for his role in After We Collided.