Stephanie Jones, presuming known as Steph, is a fictional character and former roommate of the main protagonist, Tessa Young, in the After series written by Anna Todd. She is also the former friend of antagonist, Hardin Scott.

Background Edit

Early Life Edit

Steph was a very ungrateful, jealous, and spoiled teen. She attempted to seduce her sister's husband just because she wanted the attention. She learned how to manipulate others to achieve want she wants from a young age.

Physical Appearance Edit

Steph is described to have pale skin, green eyes, and red hair. She is very thin, with long legs. She is described to dress provocatively and wear loads of make up. She is of white race and an American. In the After movie, she will be portrayed by Khadijha Red Thunder who is of Native American, Spanish, and African descent.

Personality Edit

Readers are first led to believe that Steph is a nice, loyal friend. Steph is actually extremely manipulate, fake, and cruel. She is jealous and competitive. She is a revengeful person and seeks to have one over everyone else. She feels zero remorse for hurting others and pretended to be Tessa's friend and loyal confidant all the while laughing at Tessa's expense with her friends. Steph is also super unorganized and flakey, in contrast to Tessa’s orderliness.