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This article is about the film character. You may be looking for the novel character.

Stephanie "Steph" Jones is a character in the After film saga. She is portrayed by Khadijha Red Thunder.

Steph is the beautiful and edgy college roommate of Tessa Young, and the girlfriend of Tristan. Steph introduces Tessa to Hardin and the rowdy friend group she becomes entangled with.


Steph was accepted into Washington Central University and found a group of people she considers friends. She spent most of her time partying with Hardin Scott, Molly Samuels, and Zed Evans, though other members of their friend group came and went the trio stayed the same. Steph also began dating Tristan.

Film Series[]



Steph is introduced as Tessa's rebellious roommate who is edgy and vapes. She greets Tessa with her girlfriend, Tristan, by her side. Carol isn't thrilled with the idea of Tessa staying in a room with someone who clearly smokes marijuana and is rebellious. Tessa is insistent that it will be fine. Tessa returns to the dorm where she bonds with Steph, who remarks on Tessa's large book collection. The girls seem to get along and Tessa settles into her dorm by spending the night there, though Steph is absent presumably because of a party and spending the night with Tristan.


The next evening, Tessa returns to her dorm to find a strange boy, Hardin on her bed reading a book, and confronts him about how he got in. He holds up a pair of keys and they banter a little as he refuses to leave so she can get dressed under the guise that he isn't looking at her. When Steph arrives she tells Tessa that the boy isn't her boyfriend but is a friend, but hopes that he didn't make her uncomfortable. The boy iterates that he's been minding his business. Steph quickly invites Tessa out to the party that night but she declines her offer despite the boy's sarcastic comments about her not being the party type. Steph flits out of the room after making sure Tessa isn't really interested in going to the party.


A few days later, Tessa is studying in the library when Steph is finally able to convince Tessa to come out with her to another party, this time, at a fraternity house on campus. The girls bond as Steph helps Tessa pick out an outfit for the party, even though the red dress doesn't quite please Steph but they agree to compromise. Steph excitedly leads Tessa across the lawn of the WCU frat house and into the kitchen where they greet Tristan. Steph and Tristan make out on the kitchen counter before leading Tessa to the rest of their friend group. Steph introduces Tessa to the group, which consists of her friends Jace, Zed, Molly, and Hardin, the boy from before. Tessa sits with Tristan and Steph throughout the night until she leaves after a game of truth or dare makes her uncomfortable. Steph doesn't seem to care about Tessa leaving due to being engrossed with Tristan.


The girls hang out again at Jace's tattoo parlor where Steph gets a tattoo on her left hip. They talk about Hardin and the party. That night, Steph invites Tristan to her and Tessa's dorm where they awaken Tessa. Tessa notices that the girls are making out and about to have sex. Tessa rolls over and goes back to sleep despite the oddness.


Steph attends a bonfire with her friends a few nights later, where she kisses Tristan and banters with Zed over their PDA. They sit on a log a few spots away from Tessa, with Steph's arm looped over Tristan's neck. The group decides to play a game where they pass a card to one another using only their lips. Steph is successful in taking it from Tristan and transferring it to Jace, who uses the moment to mess with Tessa. Steph witnesses Hardin's brawl with Jace when the latter refuses to leave Tessa alone, despite the presence of Tessa's boyfriend, Noah. Steph also consoles Tessa after the latter's breakup with Noah.


Steph falls out of touch with Tessa following her relationship with Hardin progressing. When Hardin and Tessa have a fight, Tessa tracks Hardin and his friends down to a diner. Molly noticed Tessa enter the diner and toys with her. Tessa refuses to be baited into Molly's games, with Steph asking how Tessa is doing as she hasn't seen her since she moved out. Tessa admits to having moved in with Hardin, something that is news to Steph. Steph is uncomfortable with the revelation but Zed shoots her a look to stay quiet just as Hardin arrives at the table. Tessa demands that Hardin explain what is going on between him and Molly, to which Molly retorted that something is going on, but it's not what Tessa thinks. Steph silently watches Molly show Tessa the footage of Hardin making a bet that he could make Tessa fall in love with him. Tessa looks to Steph, Zed, and Molly, realizing that they all knew and didn't tell her. Steph refuses to meet Tessa's eye so the freshman runs out of the diner followed by Hardin.

The aftermath leaves Molly and Hardin on the outs, which creates conflict within the friend group. Steph tries to reconcile with Tessa but the freshman isn't interested and ignores her. Steph continues to date Tristan and hangs around her other friends.

After We Collided[]

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Over the next month, Steph continues to try and reach out to Hardin who is avoiding her after the bet reveal. She pesters him into coming to a party at the WCU frat house. Steph doesn't initially notice Hardin's entrance as she's busy taking a body shot of Tristan's stomach then taking a lime from her girlfriend's mouth - much to Zed's ogling eyes. When Hardin does make his presence known, Steph looks over to him and asks if he missed her to which he and Zed simply give her a pensive look.

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The group moves into the living area to sit and talk. They are joined by Molly who is still having problems with Hardin, leaving Steph and the others to watch the spectacle that the duo make. Molly tries to flaunt her new body which is a product of being carb free, noting that she feels fantastic. Steph chimes in that it might be the drugs, but Molly instantly shuts her down as they go back and forth with insults. Steph is surprised but unbothered by Hardin rejecting Molly by shoving her off his lap.

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Steph attends a New Years Eve party at the frat house alongside Tristan, where they engage in a competitive game of beer pong opposite Zed and Ally. Tristan and Steph prove to be quite the formidable opponents and share their joy when they score by hugging, high-fiving, or bumping hips. Steph parts from Tristan's side to greet Tessa and Hardin who made a surprise appearance at the party. Tristan greets them from a distance while Steph hugs Tessa, asking if their okay since the bet reveal but Tessa assures her it's ancient history. Steph and Tristan then play against Zed and Tessa when Ally steps out of the game for the last round. When the beer pong is over, the group moves to the dance floor where Steph twirls her girlfriend and they dance happily.

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When the dancing portion of the night is over, they move to the living area where Tristan shares a seat with Steph, who offers the group marijuana brownies that she made. The group rejects her with Molly be rather rude, so Tristan comforts Steph. They are entertained by the bitchy banter between Molly and Tessa, and witness the fight that commences between the pair. When the fight disbands, Tristan and Steph return to the party as if nothing happened. They countdown to midnight alongside the rest of the party goers, and ring in the New Year with a celebratory kiss.

Physical Appearance[]

Steph is a tall woman with a slender build. She uses eyeliner to accentuate her green eyes. Her curly hair is naturally brown, but the ends are dyed a light red. She is often seen wearing shorts and a tied-up shirt, and her outfits can usually be described as provocative. She has several tattoos and isn't shy about getting new ones especially from her friends.


Steph is a nice, seemingly loyal friend and is very public with her relationship with Tristan. She is also very unorganized and flakey, in contrast to Tessa’s orderliness. She likes partying and getting tattoos from her friends. Steph is able to hold her ground against Molly and doesn't fold under her bitchy reign like others would.


  • Tristan - Tristan is Steph's girlfriend and they care about one another deeply. They are usually seen together at parties or social gatherings.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Steph either vapes or Juuls, as seen in "After".
  • In After, it's indicated that she smokes or consumes marijuana, since Carol smelled it in the dorm room when she entered.
    • This is confirmed in After We Collided when Steph offers her friends marijuana brownies she made.