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Swen Temmel is an Austrian-born actor. In 2019, he portrayed Jace in the romance-drama film, After. He was also an executive producer for the project. He did not reprise his role in the sequel, After We Collided.

Biography and Career[]

Swen Temmel was born in a small city in Austria called Graz. He moved to America with his mother and father in 1997. In 2018, he became a citizen of the United States. He knew very little English or anything about the culture. Starting school at Santa Monica Elementary and graduating from Malibu High. Being completely immersed in the language and culture he quickly caught on.

He worked with Sylvester Stallone and Matthew Modine in the action flick "Backtrace" were Swen's character helped in robbing a bank when everything goes wrong. Swen then worked with Bruce Willis and Michael Chiklis in "10 Minutes Gone" were he plays a drugged-out thief who ends up on the wrong side of the gun.

In August 2019, he worked on the YA movie "After" where he portrayed rebel and instigator, Jace.




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