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The other day, in the hospital... I answered your cell phone, it was Hardin, and I told him to stay away from you. In retrospect, I do realize that was over the line, and I do realize that I let my emotions get the best of me, and I'm sorry, but somehow you bring that side out of me.
Trevor to Tessa

Trevor Matthews is one of the main characters in After We Collided. He is portrayed by Dylan Sprouse.

Trevor is an intellectual man who works at Vance Publishing, whose relationship with Tessa Young might just change everything. His attraction to her creates friction between Tessa and her complicated on and off boyfriend, Hardin Scott. Trevor's intellect often clouds his ability to express his feelings fully, but Tessa finds his maturity refreshing compared to Hardin's.


Trevor is the brother of an unnamed sister who struggled with addiction her whole life. This experience gives Trevor an interesting perspective on relationship and how people handle complicated situations.

Trevor later graduated from business school with a degree in financing, and was hired by Vance Publishing immediately after graduation. He has since become a vital employee at the company, and a trusted friend of Christian Vance and Kimberly.

Trevor knew Hardin Scott during the latter's time at Vance Publishing, but the extent of how well they knew each other remains unclear.

Film Series[]

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Trevor is an employee at Vance Publishing who is beginning a new day when a woman arrives shouting for him to hold the elevator. He doesn't hold the doors in time, and she angrily calls him an asswipe which he calls her out on when the doors reopen. She tries to cover that she didn't call him anything. He assures her that he was trying to hold the elevator for her.

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She explains that it's her first day and she's just trying to make an impression. He remarks that she achieved that. They get off on the same floor and she realizes he works at Vance as well, and they are greeted by Kimberly who welcomes the woman as Tessa Young, the new intern. Trevor remarks that Tessa makes quite the impression before walking off. He is quickly called into action by Vance.

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The following day, Trevor joins Vance, Kimberly, and Tessa on a trip to Seattle where they plan to meet with a potential new investor. While sitting next to each other in the car, Trevor jokes that as a work tip, she shouldn't wear the same clothes everyday and should shower.

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When they arrive at the hotel, Trevor is informed that the printer Vance requested is in Trevor's room, while Tessa's had an issue and had to be upgraded to a suite. Trevor remarks on the upgrade and Tessa loving every minute of it, and she smiles agreeing. That night, the group heads to a nightclub to win over the potential investor, with Trevor remarking that Tessa "cleans up nice". Vance remarks that Trevor "sure knows how to charm the ladies" which makes Trevor uncomfortable.

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Once at the nightclub, Tessa and Trevor find themselves isolated form the rest of the club, as neither of them are drinking or used to being in that kind of scene. They talk for a moment before Vance's million-dollar investor approaches the duo with a large bowl of alcohol, a drink named Sex on the Beach. He commands the duo to drink with him. While Tessa doesn't speak his language, Trevor translates well and she obliges to drinking with them. Trevor grows tired of the drinking after a while, but still tries to appease the investor. Tessa and the man get along well and laugh over jokes that Trevor doesn't understand. She suddenly feels like dancing and approaches the dance floor while Trevor attempts to talk business with the man.

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Later that night, Trevor finds Tessa to tell her that he's going back the hotel and she decides to join so they can order room service. They eat french fries and vanilla ice cream at three am and laugh over the oddity. They begin to talk and laugh, bonding over random things. They discuss their favorite books and she teases him for not liking fiction novels. He claims they're boring and he'd rather watch paint dry. She throws a napkin at him teasingly and spills his wine all over his shirt and pants, instantly apologizing for the infraction.

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She soaks the shirt in hot water begging him to trust her that it will remove the stain before it sets. She demands his pants which he reluctantly takes off. It is then that they hear loud banging on the door, followed by an angry British voice. He recognizes the voice as that of Hardin Scott's. Hardin enters the hotel and sees Trevor's glasses on the table. Angered, he kicks down the bathroom door to find Trevor in only his boxers, clutching his wet clothing. Hardin angrily exclaims "fucking Trevor!" and Tessa restrains Hardin while Trevor hurries out of the room. He tries to explain to Hardin that this is all a misunderstanding, but Hardin slams the door in his face.

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The next morning, Trevor waits in the lobby with coffees for Tessa, Kimberly, and Vance. Tessa is the first to come down and she returns his glasses that he left in her room. He comments on the interesting night to which she apologizes, but he understands as he would feel the same way if he showed up to his girlfriend's hotel to see a handsome half-naked man there. He is worried that Hardin is still lurking around, but she assures him that Hardin should be the one hiding and that they aren't together. Tessa asks how Trevor knows Hardin, to which he explains that Hardin worked at Vance last year in the same position as Tessa. Kimberly and Vance descend, both hungover, and greet the duo. Vance doesn't know what they did or said to Neal last night, but he is officially a financer for their expansion. He tells them good job as he walks off, his arm around Kimberly. Trevor smiles at Tessa.

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He returns to work that night, and visits Tessa before he leaves the office. He wishes her a happy holidays and a happy birthday, though her birthday isn't until tomorrow. He gives her a folder that he made that contains a cost analysis breakdown of her weekly Uber expensure versus owning a used car. He did some research and found a 2013 Toyota Corolla in excellent condition. He went to the dealership and negotiated a fair deal; no money down and a hundred and fifty dollars a month. Vance agreed to put her auto-insurance on the company policy so that will be free, though he states she doesn't have to take the deal he just enjoys crunching numbers. She is elated and impulsively hugs him then kisses him. He tells her bye and leaves the office.

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A few weeks later, Tessa is in the elevator at Vance Publishing when Trevor enters, reversing their first encounter. She jokes that they should stop meeting like this, than asks how his break was. He claims it was fine and asks about hers, to which she replies with "eventful". He asks if she wants to talk about it over food since he's buying. He offers to let her pick the food and she agrees so he sends her some menus. They catch up over their food a little while later, and she tells him about her issues with Hardin and wants his opinion. He doesn't have any advice to give her much to her humor.

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As they are getting ready to leave, Trevor tells Tessa about his new promotion as the head of finances at the Seattle branch so this might be the last time they see each other before the New Year. She wishes him best of luck in his job and he awkwardly offers to shake her hand, to which she obliges. As Tessa is leaving, he calls to her so she turns. He tells her about his sister who struggled with addiction with her whole life. He warns her that this thing with Hardin isn't going to end well, and she takes a moment before saying that he's wrong and walking away.

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On New Years day, Trevor visits Tessa in the hospital after her car accident. He answers Tessa's phone and talk to an angry Hardin who demands to speak with Tessa. Trevor tells him to shut the fuck up and listen for once. Hardin obliges and Trevor tells Hardin that he's toxic and bad for her. If he really loves Tessa, and Trevor thinks that Hardin does, he should let her go. Hardin begs Trevor to let him talk to her but Trevor refuses. He asks Hardin to give Tessa a chance to find happiness in life since she won't find it with him. He hangs up just as Tessa's wheelchair is placed next to the car. He tells her that Vance's company policy agreed to put her hospital and car fees on it so she doesn't have to worry about that. He hands her back her phone but doesn't tell her about his conversation with Hardin.

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That Sunday, Trevor attends Vance's going away party and stands on the balcony next to Tessa as they happily witness Vance and Kimberly's engagement. Once the excitement dies down, Trevor asks if they can talk and she agrees. He admits that he answered her phone at the hospital and it was Hardin, who wanted to talk to her. Trevor reveals that he told Hardin to leave Tessa alone, but he realizes now that it was over the line and apologizes for the invasion. She is surprisingly understanding and though he has more to say, he excuses himself for now and hurries away awkwardly. When he returns from the bathroom he glumly watches Tessa leave in an Uber with Hardin.

Physical Appearance[]

Trevor is an attractive young man in his mid-twenties. He has trimmed blonde hair that is shorter on the sides and longer on the top, with blue eyes. He has a modest build, is of tall height, and wears rectangular shaped glasses with a black watch. For clothing, Trevor wears black suits to work and matches most of his outfits to his watches or the occasion.


Trevor is work-oriented and has a lot of upward mobility within Vance Publishing or any career he prefers. He’s intelligent, snarky, quick-witted and doesn't like confrontation.[1] He is also gifted with numbers, which makes him both intellectual, the same trait that can also make him overbearing at times. Trevor is extremely caring especially toward Tessa, who he has a clear romantic interest in. He goes out of his way to help her find a car, even negotiating with a car salesperson to get her the best deal. He is always there for her when she vents about Hardin, only telling her what he truly thinks when asked. His lack of social skills often makes him appear bumbling and uncomfortable, despite his intellect and ability to read people.


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  • Tessa Young: Trevor and Tessa are co-workers that later became friends. Trevor often goes out of his to help Tessa, caring for her in a way that beyond friendship. However, her complicated relationship with Hardin Scott hinders his chances to explore a potential relationship between them. He went out of his way to procure a potential car for her so she wouldn't be spending so much money on Uber expenses. She was so grateful for the gesture that she hugged and then impulsively kissed him. They never discussed the kissed, with him leaving almost immediately after, though he was smiling when he did. Trevor wants the best for Tessa and actively pursues the avenues he thinks will accomplish that goal. She fails to see how much he cares for her, while he fails to express himself clearly. His protectiveness over Tessa led him to warn Hardin to stay away from her, calling him out on his toxicity. Trevor later apologized as he came to realize that his interference was over the line. She forgave him and Trevor planned to ask her out on a date later that evening, however, she left the party with Hardin instead and Trevor never got the chance to ask her out.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Trevor's official Spotify playlist can be found here.
  • Trevor is noted as being the opposite of Hardin in both appearance and personality.