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Trish Powell is a fictional character from the After series written by Anna Todd. She is the mother of Hardin Scott, the estranged ex-wife of Ken Scott, and the ex-lover of Christian Vance.

She is portrayed by Louise Lombard in the After film series.


Trish grew up in London alongside Ken Scott and Christian Vance, who both grew to have feelings for her. She later chose Ken and they married soon after. His struggles with alcoholism drove them apart and he would often leave her for nights on end. Due to Ken's neglect, she relied on Christian and they had an affair. Trish became pregnant with her first son, Hardin, but claimed the baby was Ken's.

One night, Ken got in a fight with some soldiers and they came to the house for payback, but Ken wasn't home. Instead, they attacked and violated Trish while Hardin watched in terror. Ken and Trish eventually got a divorce. She sent Hardin to the US after his behavior became too out of control. She later developed feelings for her neighbor, Mike.

The night before her wedding to Mike, she cheated on him with Christian. They were caught by Hardin and Tessa and forced to reveal that Christian was Hardin's biological father. Trish later married Mike and ended up living with him.

Physical Appearance[]

She is said to look very similar to Hardin with hazel eyes, a pale complexion, and sharp features. She is described as having blonde hair and has been described to wear a lot of tracksuits.


She is a hardworking mother with a deep love for her son.