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This article is about the film character. You may be looking for the novel character.

Tristan is a character in the After series. She is portrayed by Pia Mia.

Tristan is the light-hearted and easygoing girlfriend of Steph Jones, who befriends Tessa Young when the latter moves into Steph's dorm room.


Film Series[]


Tristan is an older student at WCU who has an edgy way of living her life. She greets Tessa in the latter's dorm room, with her girlfriend, Steph, by her side. Tessa's mother, Carol, isn't thrilled with the idea of Tessa staying in a room with people who clearly smoke marijuana and are rebellious. She is turned off even more when Tristan tells Tessa she can get her into all the best clubs and parties even without a fake ID. Tessa is insistent to her mother that it will be fine. The girls seem to get along and Tessa settles into her dorm by spending the night there, though Steph is absent presumably because of a party or spending the night with Tristan.

A few days later, Tristan attends a party at the WCU frat house and is greeted by Steph who brought Tessa along. Steph and Tristan make out on the kitchen counter before leading Tessa to the rest of their friend group. Steph introduces Tessa to the group, which consists of her friends Jace, Zed, Molly, and Hardin, the boy from before. Tessa sits with Tristan and Steph throughout the night until she leaves after a game of truth or dare makes her uncomfortable. Tristan doesn't seem to care about Tessa leaving due to being engrossed with Steph.

Tristan attends a bonfire with her friends a few nights later, where she kisses Steph and banters with Zed over their PDA. They sit on a log a few spots away from Tessa, with Steph's arm looped over Tristan's neck. The group decides to play a game where they pass a card to one another using only their lips. Tristan is successful in passing the card to Steph, who in turn, passes it to Jace, who uses the moment to mess with Tessa. Tristan witnesses Hardin's brawl with Jace when the latter refuses to leave Tessa alone, despite the presence of Tessa's boyfriend, Noah.

After We Collided[]

AWC SC64.png

Very little changes in Tristan's life due to the drama between Hardin and Tessa. Instead, Tristan remains rather unbothered by the events and continues to be in a fun relationship with Steph. The women party at the WCU frat house, which is where Tristan sees Hardin for the first time since the bet reveal. She doesn't initially see Hardin as Steph is busy taking a body shot of Tristan's stomach, much to the ogling eyes of Zed. When Hardin does make his presence known, the group moves into the living area to sit and talk. They are joined by Molly who is still having problems with Hardin, leaving Tristan and the others to watch the spectacle that the duo make. Tristan is surprised but unbothered by Hardin rejecting Molly by shoving her off his lap.

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Tristan attends a New Years Eve party at the frat house, where she engages in a competitive game of beer pong opposite Zed and Ally. Tristan and Steph prove to be quite the formidable opponents and share their joy when they score by hugging, high-fiving, or bumping hips. Steph parts from Tristan's side to greet Tessa and Hardin who made a surprise appearance at the party. Tristan greets them from a distance while Steph hugs Tessa. The girls then play against Zed and Tessa when Ally steps out of the game for the last round. When the beer pong is over and Tristan has presumably won, the group moves to the dance floor where Steph twirls her girlfriend and they dance happily.

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When the dancing portion of the night is over, they move to the living area where Tristan shares a seat with Steph, who offers the group marijuana brownies that she made. Tristan comforts her when no one is interested in them. They are entertained by the bitchy banter between Molly and Tessa, and witness the fight that commences between the pair. When the fight disbands, Tristan returns to the party. They countdown to midnight and ring in the New Year with a celebratory kiss.

Physical Appearance[]

Tristan is a stunning young woman with soft features, platinum blonde hair, and green eyes. She has a silky complexion and is often seen wearing revealing yet comfortable clothing.


Tristan is flirtatious, kind, and loyal. She is adventurous and doesn't mind showing her affection for Steph in any form. She isn't shy when it comes to her relationship, and is proud of her life. Tristan is chill and is never seen exerting any unnecessary or exuberant emotion.


  • Steph Jones - Steph and Tristan are girlfriends and are in a serious relationship despite being in college. They have a very public relationship and aren't shy about showing their affection for one another. They even had sex while Tessa was trying to sleep in the bed next to Steph's.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • In the novels, Tristan is a straight male and the boyfriend of Steph Jones.