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This article is about the film location. You may be looking for the novel location.

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Vance Publishing is a book publishing company based in Washington and owned by Christian Vance. It is a multi-million dollar company.

The original company in Washington is located at 501 Pulliam Street, L.U. 613.


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Tessa emails Kimberly for information about an internship at Vance Publishing. Tessa was accepted for the internship and went for an interview. She can be seen entering the publishing house. A month later, she starts her first day that the company where she meets fellow employees Trevor Matthews and Kimberly. She is excited for her first day even though her new office is a mess. Kimberly apologizes for the mess, claiming that they've been short on interns so the company has gotten backlogged. Tessa finds this hard to believe as she knows students who would kill for an internship at VP, which Kimberly knows, but Vance keeps firing them after their first day. She covers that this won't happen to Tessa before explaining that Tess will be given ten manuscripts a week to read, and the ones she likes she'll forward to Kimberly.

Tessa falls asleep after reading five manuscripts that night, and is awakened by Vance who has his feet on her desk. She fears that she is being fired for sleeping on the job. Instead, he ushers her to a van where Trevor and Kimberly are waiting. Vance explains that he's expanding Vance Publishing to Seattle, but in order to do that he needs investors. The group is traveling to Seattle to meet with a potential investor, Kevin Neal. After a night spent drinking and partying with Neal at the nightclub, the man decided to become an investor and wrote a large check to finance Vance's expansion.

Trevor was later offered the head of finances for the Seattle branch and took the job happily. In January of 2020, Vance offered Tessa a position at the Seattle office that would include him paying for her entire education, living expenses, and whatever else she needed. She promised to think the offer through. In the meantime, Vance and Kimberly hosted a going away party.

Employees and Board[]


  • Washington
    • Ellensburg, Washington (approx.)
    • Seattle, Washington

Book Comparisons[]

In the After novel series, Hardin secured Tessa a paid internship at the company. Christian Vance (Book Character) owned and managed the company, with Kimberly serving as his receptionist, assistant, and fiancée. Tessa later transferred to the Seattle branch until drama between Hardin and Christian caused her to leave the company. The company later opened a branch in New York.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Kim's email is "".
  • Tessa's auto-insurance is part of the Vance Publishing insurance policy.
    • Vance also put her medical bills from her car accident on the company's policy, so she wouldn't have to worry about paying it.
  • Hardin worked at the company a year before Tessa as an intern, but left for unknown reasons.