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This article is about the film location. You may be looking for the book location.

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The Young House is a house in Washington, USA. It is the childhood home of Tessa Young, and the primary residence of Carol Young.


Before the events of "After", Tessa's parents had a rough relationship. After many fights, Mr. Young left the women and never came back.

Film Series[]


Tessa laid on her bed looking at the ceiling. She stood and packed the rest of her things into boxes, preparing to leave for college. She glanced back at her room one last time before leaving. In the kitchen, Tessa stood with her mother and boyfriend at the kitchen island. Once they were ready to leave, they left the garage and drove away.

After a tumultuous few months and a bad breakup, Tessa returned home to visit her mother. She knocked on the door and then embraced her mother. They went inside and sat at the kitchen island to talk.

After We Collided[]

In December of that year, Tessa returns home to celebrate her birthday with her mother and friends. She is intercepted outside by Noah Porter, and the two take a minute to catch up on each other's lives. Noah asks how everything with Tessa's dad is going, but she is oblivious to what he talking about. She then answers a call from her mother on Noah's phone, and the pair have a heated argument that results in Tessa leaving.



  • In the book series, there is a greenhouse on the property. The greenhouse is not present in the first two films.