Zed Evans is a fictional, foil character of the After series written by Anna Todd. Zed was a frenemy of Hardin Scott and a potential love interest of Tessa Young.

Background Edit

There's not much said about Zed's past other than he having a reoccurring feud with Hardin Scott because his ex-girlfriend Samantha cheated with him.

Physical Appearance Edit

Zed is described to have olive skin, dark hair, and dark eyes. He has many tattoos. Tessa described Zed's looks as model-like. His appearance is based on former One Direction member, Zayn Malik. He will be portrayed by actor Samuel Larsen in the After movie.

Personality Edit

Zed is a very laid back and friendly guy. He has a strong moral code and is only one of the friends that felt remorse for creating the bet and tried to back out many times. He is a devoted student and loves plants. He notes his dating life as a disaster and to have over-exaggerated his sex life to friends. He is actually not one for causal relationships, desiring a serious relationship with a good girl. He's only ever had one one night stand with a woman that he was unaware was engaged to Professor Soto.