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This article is about the novel character. You may be looking for the film character.

Zed Evans is a fictional character in the After series written by Anna Todd. He was a frenemy of Hardin Scott and a potential love interest to Tessa Young.

In the film adaptions, Zed is portrayed by actor Samuel Larsen.


Zed met Hardin during their college years and they both joined the same fraternity. One day, Hardin overheard Zed talking about his girlfriend, Samantha. Samantha worked at Vance Publishing alongside Hardin. Hardin saw Samantha as a challenge and slept with her mainly as a challenge. This created animosity between Zed and Hardin that lasted for many years. Later, Zed was in a bet with Hardin over who could take Tessa's virginity. After the bet, Zed continued to pursue Tessa throughout the series and was the latter's friend, despite Hardin's constant disdain towards him being near her.

Physical Appearance[]

Zed's looks were based on One Direction member Zayn Malik.


Zed is a very laid back and overall friendly guy. He has a strong moral code and is one of the friends that felt remorse for creating the bet and tried to back out many times. He is a devoted student who loves plants. He notes his dating life as a disaster and over-exaggerated his sex life to friends so he would fit in better. He actually desired a serious relationship with a good girl. He's only ever had one night stand with a woman that he was unaware was engaged to Jonah Soto.